In what situations can the FGTS calamity withdrawal be redeemed?

THE FGTS calamity withdrawal (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) was authorized in several Brazilian municipalities in recent months. The modality is provided for in Decree No. 5,113, of 2004, which regulates in which situations the redemption can be made.

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To access the balance of linked accounts, the worker must live in a city hit by a natural disaster. The federal government has the obligation to authorize the withdrawal within a period of up to 30 days after the municipality or Federal District declares a public calamity.

This period starts counting from the day after the disaster. In addition, the Ministry of Regional Development must recognize, by means of an ordinance, the state of public calamity decreed by the public administration of the region.

Situations that give the right to the FGTS calamity withdrawal

In recent months, the benefit has become available to hundreds of families affected by storms and river flooding. In 2020, the government authorized the looting due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Check out some situations that allow the release of the FGTS calamity withdrawal:

  1. flooding;
  2. Floods or gradual inundations;
  3. Flash floods or flash floods;
  4. Coastal floods caused by the sudden invasion of the sea;
  5. Winds or storms;
  6. Very intense windstorms or extratropical cyclones;
  7. Extremely intense windstorms, hurricanes, typhoons or tropical cyclones;
  8. Tornadoes and waterspouts;
  9. hailstorms;
  10. Failure or collapse of dams.

Value and consultation

Each worker can withdraw up to BRL 6,200, as long as they have a positive balance in their active and inactive FGTS accounts, and that they have not withdrawn for the same reason in the last 12 months.

To consult the benefit, the interested party can access the Caixa website, the FGTS application or request that the fund statement be sent via SMS or correspondence every two months. Check the documents required for the release of the benefit:

  • Photo identification document;
  • Proof of residence on behalf of the worker, issued up to 120 days before the disaster decree.
  • Marriage Certificate or Public Deed of Stable Union, in the event that the proof of residence is in the name of a spouse or partner.

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