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How about investing in the hottest fixed income bonds for the month of May, compiled in 10 recommended portfolios. Check it out below. (Image: Mehaniq)

You must have heard around that the fixed income became more attractive in the month of May. At the beginning of the month, the Copom raised aa Selic rate by 1 percentage point to 12.75% per year. But how about investing in the hottest things in the markets.

THE Money Times prepared a survey exclusive based on information present in 10 recommended wallets of fixed income BTG Pactual and gives XP Investimentos.

The result of all this is that we present the most indicated investments by fixed income analysts, so that you have a chance to earn money in the month well above the CDI and without exposing itself to the ups and downs of the Brazilian stock exchange.

See below which of the three fixed income indexes (Post-fixed, Fixed-rate and Inflation) is the best requested in May and know exactly what and how much to invest in, according to experts:

where to invest

The survey shows that the titles post-fixed follow as the most indicated by the analysts, just like in april.

Post-fixed securities deliver yields that follow the variation of the Selic rate and the CDI.

Your fixed income portfolio should be 77% composed of investments such as CBDs, Private Credit, LCIs, LCAs and Selic Treasure.

Subsequently, the inflation-linked bonds are the best to compose a good fixed-income portfolio, in which 20% should be allocated to the purchase of shares of Private Credit it’s from IPCA+ Treasury.

At the bottom with 3% allocation are the prefixed bonds, the riskiest in fixed income (and who else can give the biggest gains in the market).

The prefixed titles also vary in profitability in the daily mark-to-marketusually paying a premium on the Selic rate and the CDI.


THE Money Times publishes articles of a journalistic nature, which aim at the democratization of information. Our publications must be understood as announcing and disseminating bulletins, and not as an investment recommendation..

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