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While almost 12 million Brazilians are unemployed, according to the most recent data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), one sector has a very different situation: a lack of manpower.

At information technology, IT call, there is much more demand than people can supply. And look at that in 2021, almost 200 thousand jobs were created in the area, according to the association of technology companies, Brasscom. See below the areas that will generate more jobs in IT.

THE pandemic accelerated a movement that was already growing: with so many people at home, more than ever technology has been used for everything. Among the companies, who was not yet digital had to run to be.

AND behind every tool accessed, every application who delivers food, medicine, transport, proof of vaccination, makes payments and keeps conversations up to date there are many IT professionals. But not as much as the market needs.

Brasscom estimates that Brazil trains 53,000 people in technological profile courses per year. However, during this period, the market requires, on average, 159 thousand professionals. In other words, the account does not close.

The main effects of this are:

  1. increase in salaries for those who are already experts in the field. THE remuneration in technology (including benefits) is at least 2.5 times higher than the Brazilian average salary, according to Brasscom. At highest positions in this year’s salary guide from recruitment consultancy Robert Half close to R$ 50 thousand.
  2. opportunities for those with little experience. THE search for junior professionalswith a maximum of two years of career, grew by more than 170% in the 1st half of 2021, compared to the same period of the previous year, points out the GeekHunter platform. According to Robert Half, the Salary range for these positions can range from R$3,000 to R$9,000depending on the career.

No wonder many professionals often change jobs quickly, as if there was always something better next door: and often there is.

So you don’t miss opportunities, The g1 listened to dozens of professionals in the field, recruitment specialists and teachers to put together a super guide for anyone looking to get into IT:

Areas that will generate the most jobs in IT — Photo: Fernanda Garrafiel/Arte g1

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