Learn how to negotiate your debts in 12x and clear your name immediately

THE serasa Clean Name impacts consumers all over the world Brazil, allowing them to pay their debts in up to 12 installments and clear their names after the initial payment, that is, after the first installment has been paid off. According to estimates by Serasa, around 60% of consumer debts are available to be negotiated with more than special conditions.

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Does the company that retains the debt need to be participating in the Serasa Fair?

The participation of the company included in the Serasa Limpa Nome fair is mandatory so that the individual in debt can negotiate and settle their debts. Banks, credit recovery agencies, telephone companies, universities and other providers are included.

It is possible, through Serasa Limpa Nome, to renegotiate negative debts and also non-negative accounts. Please note that a negative balance in 5 years will not be considered. This does not indicate bankruptcy, forged checks and protests.

Does Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome improve the consumer’s Score?

Negative debits are used to calculate the Serasa Score, regardless of whether or not they offer Serasa Limpa Nome. However, overdue (non-negative) accounts are not used in the sum of individuals’ scores.

When paying overdue or negative debts through Serasa Limpa Nome, the customer can be rewarded with increases in their score, sometimes called Score Turbo.

In addition, it is important to make the payment at the appropriate present time and ensure that new debts are not introduced in doing so. Violation of any agreement, or even indicating new proposals on the platform, may result in the loss of reward points in the big score.

What do I need to participate in Serasa Cleans Nome?

Interested parties should access the Serasa website and negotiate their debts. If they prefer, they can also do so by WhatsApp (11) 99575-2096 or by phone 0800 591 1222. Consumers also have the option of accessing the Serasa Limpa Nome service by visiting one of the more than 7,000 post offices.

Learn more about Serasa Cleans Nome

Serasa Cleans Nome is a free service offered by Serasa in which people can pay their late payments in just three minutes without having to leave their home and with discounts.

Serasa’s main objective is to assist in the financial recovery of clients, confirmed by the fact that it is the largest and most preferred debt resolution platform in the entire country.

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