Mega-Sena has a winning bet of BRL 4.4 million | lotteries

Mega-Sena has a winning bet of BRL 4.4 million
Felipe Moreno

Mega-Sena has a winning bet of BRL 4.4 million

The Mega-Sena draw 2,479 had a winning bet, made in Vassouras (RJ), which will take the prize of R$ 4, 456, 908.09 million. The tens drawn by Caixa were: 21 – 10 – 35 -20 -17 -15.

Altogether, 90 bets matched 5 tens and will take BRL 26,882.94 4. 5,989 bets match 4 numbers and will win BRL 577.12.

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The draws are held at 8 pm at Espaço da Sorte, in São Paulo and are broadcast live on the institution’s social networks.

If only one player takes the prize alone and invests the entire amount in savings, he will receive R$ 17,400 in income in the first month. If you prefer to invest in real estate, the value is enough to buy 15 commercial rooms for R$ 200 thousand each.

Mega-Sena bets can be made until 7pm on the day of the draw at accredited lottery houses, over the internet or on the lottery app. The minimum guess costs R$ 4.50.

In addition to this betting model, with six selected numbers, which pays the main prize, it is still possible to win prizes by hitting four or five tens.


The Bolão Caixa is the possibility that the bettor has to place bets in a group. Just fill in the appropriate field on the steering wheel or ask the lottery attendant. At Mega-Sena, pools have a minimum price of BRL 10 and each share cannot be less than BRL 5. It is possible to hold a pool of at least two and a maximum of one hundred shares.

In this Wednesday’s draw, a bet of eight numbers from a pool hit the six tens alone (02 – 17 – 23 – 28 – 39 – 46) and took the prize of R$ 58.9 million.

The winning pool had 34 shares and was registered in a lottery shop located in the center of Herval D’Oeste, in Santa Catarina. This was the third biggest Cash Lottery prize of the year so far.

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