Moro attacks PT and makes another Portuguese mistake

Moro says he does not give up his candidacy for the presidency but states the possible non-candidacy for anything
Former judge Sergio Moro
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This Saturday (7), former judge Sergio Moro used his Twitter profile and made another Portuguese mistake when he tried to mock and attack former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. With the repercussion, he chose to delete the post, but netizens printed and viralized the mistake.

It all started because of a comment by Gazeta do Povo columnist Leonardo Coutinho, who said that the story was being rewritten by “people with dirty hands”.

“The corrupt are victims of justice and Ukraine is guilty of having been invaded. Just two examples of a story that has been rewritten by people with dirty hands”, commented Coutinho.

Then, Moro reposted the opinion and replied: “It must be the one of the new rewritten history, soon in the MEC books if we don’t stop (sic) the PT”. What was right was the use of the word “stop”.

Check the image:

I live and the mistakes

This was not the first time that Moro made a Portuguese mistake. In 2019, he received criticism for confusing “why” and “why”.

“Why do crimes fall across the country? Why security forces are working like never before. Simple”, he published at the time, correcting himself after being detonated.

“Why do crimes fall across the country? Because the security forces of the Jair Bolsonaro Government and those of the States are working like never before. Simple as that,” he corrected.

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