Now single, Wanessa has dated celebrities, had a troubled relationship and a luxury marriage that stopped Brazil; Photos

“To surrender to another emotion, to venture into a new passion. And say goodbye to you…” The song “Love doesn’t leave” was a milestone in the beginning of Wanessa’s career. The excerpt from the hit, however, may even serve for the current phase of the singer, 39 years old. This is after she is officially single, after the recent breakup of her marriage with businessman Marcus Buaiz, ​​after 17 years of marriage. This union has borne fruit: they are the parents of José Marcus, 10, and João Francisco, 7.

Wanessa and Marcus got married two years after starting the romance, in 2005. But the single status was not something displayed for a long time in the artist’s trajectory, who began to be successful in the early 2000s. She dated, for example, Leandro Scornavacca, the “L” of the KLB trio of brothers. The two were in their late teens and the romance lasted a few months. Son of the then manager of Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano, Marco Scornavacca, he and Wanessa had known each other for a long time, remained friends and worked together on the program “Jovens tardes”, on Globo.

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The separation of Wanessa Camargo and Marcus Buaiz will have a millionaire sharing of assets; singer must stay in mansion she is building in SP

In her repertoire, especially on her first albums, Wanessa’s songs talked a lot about love and relationship, with a lot of drama – who remembers her singing “My world fell in the instant I saw myself without you”, from the track “Tanta Saudade ”? Which, in a way, was connected with the singer’s reality. The daughter of Zezé and Zilu lived an extremely troubled relationship with actor Dado Dolabella, closely followed by the public, on the covers of magazines at the time. The courtship did not have the approval of the father. There were frequent occurrences of situations in which Wanessa appeared crying. In the years they were together, there was speculation that their conversations could be aggressive, although she denied it.

Wanessa and Dado Dolabella Photo: Marcia Lourenço

The artist was involved in other romances with celebrities before going to the altar, such as with Erik Marmo, Rogério Flausino, lead singer of the band J Quest, and Felipe Dylon. “I was not a saint, I wanted to experience life. I didn’t do anything that any young person hasn’t done, it’s just that I was more exposed,” she told Vogue magazine years ago.

The turning point came after Wanessa met Marcus through a mutual friend. The artist says that she fell in love after the first kiss, when she fainted. “My pressure was 4 by 8. That marked us. He took me to the ER, then home. And we started talking. I fell in love there,” she told the press.

Vanessa and Erik Marmo
Wanessa and Erik Marmo Photo: Reproduction of Caras Magazine

The proposal came after a night of love between the two, classified by her as “resounding”. And from then on, the relationship became more and more solid until they went to the altar, in São Paulo. The ceremony stopped Brazil because of the pomp and circumstance it had. There were 48 godparents, 12 couples next to the artist and another 12 next to the businessman. And big names like Faustão, Luciano Huck, Angélica, Ana Maria Braga and Cleo Pires.

Vanessa's wedding
Vanessa’s wedding Photo: Disclosure

Not to mention the celebrities who were invited to the event, held for 800 people. Wanessa was on all the covers of specialized publications, sporting a beautiful and exclusive dress by Calvin Klein and her new haircut, a chanel styled by the same hairdresser as the international star Nicole Kidman.

But it’s not all flowers, it’s true. In 2016, already a mother of two, rumors of a marriage crisis began to circulate. In addition, Wanessa revealed that she suffered from panic attacks again after facing the same problem about 15 years ago, at the beginning of her career: “I discovered that panic changes. It had nothing to do with the symptoms I had when I first had it. It was dizziness and chills… My body went into shock”.

Wanessa Photo: Reproduction – INstagram

Zezé’s daughter must move with her children to a mansion in São Paulo in this new stage and continue her life. Because, as she sings in the hit “Amor amor”: “Under these clothes lives a woman. And inside this body a heart beats hard.”

Vanessa and Leandro
Vanessa and Leandro Photo: Reproduction
Wanessa on show in the early years of her career
Wanessa in a show in the early years of her career Photo: Reproduction – Instagram
Vanessa Photo: Playback – instagram

Vanessa and her ex-husband Marcus
Wanessa and her ex-husband, Marcus Photo: Reproduction – Instagram
Vanessa at the wedding with Marcus.  Singer poses with Erik Marmo and, aldo, along with ex-boyfriend Dado Dolabella
Vanessa at the wedding with Marcus. Singer poses with Erik Marmo and, aldo, with her ex-boyfriend Dado Dolabella Photo: Publicity/Reproduction of Caras Magazine/ Marcia Lourenço

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