Paulo Sousa regrets Flamengo’s defeat and sends a message to Jorge Jesus: “May you have peace” | Flamengo

At the press conference after the 1-0 defeat to Botafogo, this Sunday, Paulo Sousa, Flamengo’s coach, commented on the team’s performance at Mané Garrincha, regretted the missed opportunities and sent a message to Jorge Jesus, former coach of the Fla whose statements disturbed the club’s last week.

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Dissatisfied with the attitude of his countryman, who said he wanted to go back to coaching Flamengo and established a proposal until the 20th to receive a proposal, Paulo Sousa answered the following when asked about the subject:

– Regarding Jorge, he is a coach I respect. I respect the history at Flamengo, I respect the importance of that history and I respect what Jorge was at Flamengo in 2019. But we also have to respect Paulo Carpegiani, who won the most important title in the club’s history, which is the Club World Cup. That’s why this is the situation – said the Fla coach.

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“I just ask God to bless him and his family. And that he, very sincerely, has health, peace, especially with himself. And success”, he added.

Paulo Sousa, Flamengo coach, at a press conference — Photo: Fred Gomes / ge

Regarding Flamengo’s performance, Paulo Sousa mainly regretted the fact that the team was not able to convert the many chances created during the match into goals.

– The volume of opportunities was overwhelming, this is the biggest explanation. In the low volume of offensive transitions that our opponent had, he managed to score a goal. We had several very clear opportunities, a very large volume. Apart from the first 15 minutes, in which we rushed and didn’t have control of the game, after the 15th minute we organized well, we created in the aisles and in the central part. We created opportunities, scored, and it was disallowed. Above all, it is explained this way. We had several very clear opportunities to get out of here with a win,” he said.

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Best moments of Flamengo 0 x 1 Botafogo for the 5th round of the Brasileirão

Best moments of Flamengo 0 x 1 Botafogo for the 5th round of the Brasileirão

Paulo Sousa also answered about the number of players Flamengo has in the medical department.

– (Be) Annoyed, no. I have already said publicly: we have a very good relationship with the medical department, we have a lot of confidence in their work. We try to interact every day, understand what we can do to improve and have players always available. Not having, we have more difficulties and instabilities in the process. Even because, without the possibility of working, as Botafogo had during the week, concepts, strategies and being able to combine the participation of some players, becomes an aggravating factor. However, we are confident that we will improve this detail. The vast majority of injuries are joint or injuries that are not very normal. We’re trying to figure out how we can minimize muscle injuries,” he said.

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See the full press conference:

Check out Paulo Sousa's press conference after Flamengo's defeat to Botafogo

Check out Paulo Sousa’s press conference after Flamengo’s defeat to Botafogo

Read other excerpts from the press conference:

About winning and not convincing

– I think it’s a very distorted question. I think we were much superior, we’ve scored a lot of goals. In Libertadores we have scored a lot, we have to improve our capacity in defensive training, that’s right. The return of some players will give a better defensive capacity. This is a sensitive year, there is a rupture and a reconstruction of processes. We need to give consistency and believe strongly in them.

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Defensive Vulnerability

– As I said, we could be more consistent if we had all the players available, we are recovering several. I think we will soon. In relation to training, it is a more difficult process. I believe in training, in working on concepts at high intensity, very close to what the game is all about. What we are looking for is to recover the players in order to have them available. We have been unhappy in the few moves that opponents create, but we will definitely improve. We have an extraordinary group that wants to learn and wants to get results.

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Use in Brazilian

– Today we did everything to come out winners. We have to keep keeping the offensive rate as today, but more effective to get the wins. We have to improve our defensive organization, because our transitions are quite good. Whenever we download the block, we have to be even more consistent.

"Flamengo is a tough nut to crack.  Son cries and mother doesn't see”, points out Arthur |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Flamengo is a tough nut to crack. Son cries and mother doesn’t see”, points out Arthur | A Voz da Torcida

– Seeing this goal, in a transition of the few in which we didn’t have the ability to make better decisions, we had a moment when we no longer had that same control, but we had an overwhelming last part in which we created many, of all kinds, opportunities to create, but unfortunately we didn’t. We will continue to do what we believe in so that we can win next Wednesday.

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– I think it was well demonstrated that the team runs, seeks, believes. The team creates the opportunities to be able to win. We have to play away like we play at home, Flamengo has to have a very consistent idea of ​​a winning mentality. And then you have to produce, do the work that we did. We have, in all situations, to defend well. It’s not been a positive moment for us, but I’m sure we’re convinced that we’ll get through it.

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