Pérez detonates Miami track: “a joke”

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The pilots of formula 1 criticized the surface of the new runway of the Miami GPtaking the Red Bull driver, Sergio Perez, call it “a joke”.

Over the course of free practice and qualifying, riders discovered that there is no grip if they stray from the rubberized race line.

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The consensus is that the prospect of a fun race will be compromised because drivers can’t step off the line to attempt an overtake.

“I think the most important thing is that the surface is a joke,” Pérez said when asked by the whether there will be any overtaking in the race.

“On Sunday, the race will be difficult. And you have the drivers making mistakes because we were put in this situation.”

In addition to Pérez’s comments, Fernando Alonso said the surface was “not F1 standards”, while Lando Norris suggested that it “wasn’t good enough”.

Alonso revealed that the matter was discussed at the drivers’ meeting on Friday night, and that the lack of grip did not improve on Saturday.

“It’s still very difficult to stay out of line,” he said. “There’s debris out of the line, so it’s going to be tough. We said yesterday that asphalt is not F1 standard.

“There is nothing we can do. I think this weekend we need to put on the show, but that has to change for next year. It’s very difficult to run like that.”

A view of the track

A view of the track

Photo by: Zak Mauger / Motorsport Images

Daniel Ricciardofrom McLaren, agreed that it was not possible to leave the race line.

“You literally have to stay in that line,” he said. “Otherwise, you’re not on the track anymore.

“So actually, instead of having a good challenge type, it just makes it a little bit, in a way, like one-dimensional, because you only get one option from that line with a little bit of rubber. So I don’t want to lie and say I like the surface.”

Ricciardo’s opinion was shared by his McLaren teammate Norris, who lamented the fact that the race might not be as fun as fans expect.

He also suggested that the organizers were trying something different, which is made from local materials.

“On the racing line it’s not bad grip, it’s reasonable,” said the Englishman. “I think it’s too hot, which makes it look even worse. The fact is that out of line is really, really bad.

Norris cited Jeddah as a track with a surface that offers ample grip.

“I think if it was a surface like we have in Saudi Arabia for example, it’s just very high grip in general, it survives in hot temperatures, so I think everyone will be looking forward to an extremely exciting Sunday,” he said.

“Because you can go sideways, you can do different lines, you can do alternating lines, you can do everything. Whereas tomorrow, everyone is pretty much stuck to toeing the line and it’s always much harder to run that way.”

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