Quina makes rare awards in consecutive contests; meet the winners

THE Quina lottery made two rare awards in two consecutive contests, something that is really rare to happen, since the modality usually accumulates many times before giving a millionaire prize. However, the answer may lie in box pool, as this betting model is on the rise in recent days. So, meet the winners of these sweepstakes.

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Hitting Quina’s main numbers is at a probability of 1 in 24,040,016, so it’s a hotly contested prize pool. Still, there are cases where the lucky day of the winner is so much that he manages to get it right in the first game. On the other hand, there are others who spend years trying to play with the same scores until they get it right. Was it the case for the lucky ones in this lottery or did the lottery help?

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Quina awards in contests 5845 and 5846

Quina makes rare awards in consecutive contests;  meet the winners
Quina makes rare awards in consecutive contests; meet the winners/Source: Diário Prime

Starting with Quina’s result in the 5845 contest, which had two winners, it is known that the prize pool was accumulated at just over nine million reais. Thus, each winner received R$ 4,632,958.32. In other words, they became millionaires overnight just by hitting the main dozen of this lottery. The draw brought the numbers 22 – 51 – 67 – 69 – 70.

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Of these winners, only the lucky one from the state of Pará played alone, so with a simple bet of 5 numbers, he became a millionaire. On the other hand, the Rio de Janeiro bet was made through a pool of 8 odds, which must divide the prize between them. In addition, they also chose to choose 6 numbers in this game template.

Thus, after this award, a new result for Quina was about to come out, but this time with an initial prize value, estimated at R$ 700 thousand. So, in another day, the players went to the lottery to bet. And in the meantime, when numbers 05 – 57 – 59 – 66 – 73 of the 5846 contest came out, the surprise came along.

That’s because another bet had won. According to investigations by Caixa Loterias, another pool was being awarded this lottery prize. And once again, 8 shareholders will share the main prize pool. Yesterday’s lucky players came from Itirapina – SP and also played with 6 numbers.

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