Reporter saves child from drowning minutes before going live soaking wet

People! Australian reporter Paul Burt saved a 10-year-old from drowning minutes before going live.

In the video that circulates on the internet, the reporter hears the parents asking for help and he immediately runs to the scene of the accident.

The case happened this Thursday (5) and was published by the Daily Mail. Paul Burt is an expert surf reporter for Australia’s Seven’s Gold Coast channel, and he didn’t miss an opportunity to do good.

How did it happen

Minutes before going live, just to report on the dangers of sand holes in the sea for unsuspecting bathers and the risks of drowning, Paul heard the boy’s family screaming for help.

There were moments of great tension. The reporter joined other people who were looking for the boy at sea.


While everything was happening, the cameraman who would do the live broadcast captured the dramatic scenes.

The footage shows Paul desperately running to help.

In another stretch, you can see the boy drowning.

Afterwards, the reporter appears shirtless with the group, in a successful rescue.

“About four or five people jumped in and basically pulled him back to the beach. He’s alive, he’s breathing, he’s conscious, talking,” he celebrated.


With information from Daily Mail

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