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The Santa Cruz press conference was in a different tone at Arruda. After the very important 3-2 victory over Atlético de Alagoinhas, this Sunday, the team’s first in Série D, coach Leston Júnior went to the press room with the cast, executive Marcelo Segurado and the technical commission, and vented.

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– Let it be clear, I repeat, what you will hear here is outbursts and demands only for salary. Everyone here is a family man and needs to get home to pay their bills, because even though many people think they are machines, they are human beings.. They have problems like everyone else, they have families like everyone else. They play for survival, after all, we live in a capitalist world.

“So, what really motivated us to do this here, in addition to all these problems, is working conditions, and I’m not saying that this is the responsibility of those who are in the presidency, it’s because the club is really abandoned. (Luiz Neto) is there, the president, and he’s really abandoned, I see the day to day. Because I won’t be unfair either.”

– I said at the press conference on Wednesday: I live in a cowardly environment, football. We professionals are cowardly attacked, our honor, dignity, every day depending on the result of the game, but I don’t need to be a coward like football is,” he added.

Leston Júnior, Santa Cruz coach, meeting with players and coaching staff — Photo: Personal Archive

The coach demanded the union of the people who make Santa Cruz, making harsh criticisms of those who, according to him, at the time of the 2021 presidential election, said he would be in “for the club”, but who actually did not.

“Where are the lovers who said, many there at the time of an election, that ‘we’re going together with the club’? Many there love people and not Santa Cruz”, he fired.

About them, Leston took the opportunity to demand collaboration, reinforcing that Santa Cruz will only “resurface” if these same people who “say they love” the club give the players the conditions to develop the work – Tricolor lives with wages in arrears.

– This club will only resurface if there is unity. If the people who say they love the club get together to give conditions to these professionals who are here to have the dignity to develop the work so far, otherwise it will be more of the same.

Check out what else the technician said:

– We don’t have a better condition than 30 clubs out of these 64 (Series D), only half a dozen times, and I’m not talking about invasion of CT, that’s a case of the police, which the club has to give us safety. The club will only reach the goal of access if there is a condition with minimum dignity. Nobody is asking for luxury to work.

“We’re asking for a field in which to train, for an athlete to eat properly. That’s what we’re saying. And obviously salary. If the security guard doesn’t get paid, the doctor doesn’t get… ‘Oh, these guys don’t play’ They are so important in some cases even more than these guys who are here, because they give these guys condition. It’s a manifesto in that sense.”

– Let’s not get discouraged, because there are professionals, first, who respect themselves, who respect themselves, their family, their work, and the institution. After all, many have said no to this club because of what the club has become, and everyone here has accepted the challenge. But it is necessary to give dignified conditions so that this group here can lead the club where everyone wants to go.

– This is not where the club belongs, but it is where the club was put and to take it out, we need to improve a lot as a club. And then everyone needs to unite and not stay on the social network and be threatening. Promote a situation that does not exist. ‘Not because Santa Cruz is the biggest shirt in Serie D’. And? This represents what?

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