She spent years with doctors telling her she was gaining weight and nearly died after this discovery.

Five years, this was the period that Sarah McInnea 38-year-old woman from Scotlandhad to fight so that the doctors could diagnose her correctly and in the end they discovered that the repeated speech that she was “just gaining weight”it was actually endometriosis and a huge cyst that grew over time.

In her statement, the mother of a set of twins said that despite the symptoms of endometriosis, doctors always linked it to possible other diseases: “I had heard so many excuses that I started to believe them. It was always just ‘You’re fat, you’re obese, you need to eat less’. […] They just said ‘sometimes girls have to deal with bad period pains’remembered.

When reporting on the difficult situation, Sarah added that a doctor who attended her even questioned if she thought she was the only woman to have menstrual pain.

Women’s history and visits to doctors

While he believes the massive cyst began growing in 2017, McInne explained that he has had intense period pains since 2000, now correctly diagnosed with endometriosis.

Due to such difficulty, she found herself unable to spend more time with her 3 children, which resulted in postpartum depression and depressive episodes.

“It felt like I was carrying a backpack full of rocks and it hurts so bad, but you can’t let go. […] All this time dealing with my illness and pain has overwhelmed us, especially my husband Allan who has been amazing.”he said.

Woman almost dies after delay in diagnosis

the discovery of the disease

Earlier this year, after having an obvious jump in the size of the dress she was wearing, Sarah went to another professional who suspected that something was wrong and after the respective exams confirmed that she had the large cyst that was already “crushing” her organs. “The doctors told me that because it was left on for years and years, and because it stuck to all of my organs, there is a very high chance that it could be cancerous.”said the woman.

Woman almost dies after delay in diagnosis

After the discovery, even with a 50% risk of not surviving, due to the complexity of the case and with a document of science signed by her husband, she underwent a procedure in the Crosshouse Hospital. In the procedure, Sarah also had to undergo a hysterectomy — surgery to remove the uterus — and remove part of her stomach.

Finally, although the procedure was successfully performed, Sarah still has to live with pain, since there are tumors in her intestine that were not removed due to its complexity.

“It wears out my family physically and mentally and has taken so much away from us that I can’t enjoy normal family days or anything. I would like to be normal, with a normal life where I can go to work, go on vacation and enjoy time with my kids and friends, but I can’t, and never can, because all my symptoms have been ignored for so long.”

Details were not revealed if the woman will file any legal action against professionals and medical centers after all that happened.

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