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Before Gabriel Pec’s goal that guaranteed victory over CSA on Saturday night, in a game valid for the sixth round of the Brasileirão Serie B, Vasco’s fans took a lot of Zé Ricardo’s foot in São Januário. The coach was the target of protests, but, at the end of the match, he gained the support of the leaders of the squad: Anderson Conceição, Thiago Rodrigues and Yuri Lara dedicated the result to the coach.

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Zé Ricardo was harassed at least three times this Saturday. The first was even before the ball rolled, when Vasco’s players walked towards the locker room after warming up.

At the end of the first half, when Vasco was not playing well, it was possible to hear some offenses directed at the coach. Then, at halftime, the protests got even bigger. (see video above).

After the victory, in interviews in the mixed zone of São Januário, the players insisted on defending the coach. Like, for example, the goalkeeper Thiago Rodrigues.

“The fans have the right and reason to charge us, especially at home. However, I think this victory today was for Zé, man”, said Thiago.

– We have enormous respect for him. Since the beginning of the year he has been our support, he has shielded us. This victory is for him. Zé, thank you for everything you have done, which has led us. He’s a deserving guy,” he added.

Vasco fans protest in São Januário in the match against CSA — Photo: André Durão

One of the most experienced of the squad, Anderson Conceição also defended the coach, who, according to him, “is one of the first to arrive at the club and the last to leave”.

– I’m particularly going to run for Zé always. I have enormous gratitude for him. It was the guy who called me when I came here, called me from the heart. So I will always be running for him, I will make my teammates run for him. He is one of the first to arrive at the club and the last to leave. We know that Série B will never have an easy game, we still have to improve. We are a humble, hardworking team, we are doing everything to put Vasco in 2022 in Serie A – said the defender, who also had the chorus of midfielder Yuri Lara:

– Everyone has to be charged, not just Zé Ricardo. We who are on the field also have to be charged. We are together with Zé. If we have victories, it will give a reassurance. If we win, he won’t be so pressured. I hope we can win the games and be fighting up there-he concluded.

Zé Ricardo, Vasco’s coach, in the game against CSA — Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF

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