Turco assumes responsibility at Atlético and ‘pulls the players’ ears’ when identifying error: “That can’t”

Atletico Mineiro

Criticized by the fans of Galo, the coach hopes that his team can present an improvement as soon as possible

Photo: (Fernando Moreno/AGIF) - Antonio Mohamed demanded improvements in the Atlético Mineiro team
Photo: (Fernando Moreno/AGIF) – Antonio Mohamed demanded improvements in the Atlético Mineiro team

This Saturday (7), Atlético lost its unbeaten streak of 36 straight games as home team after being beaten by América by 2-1, at Independência, for the 5th round of the Brazilian Championship. More than the defeat, Galo didn’t play well again and ended up being criticized by the fans, as they come from a sequence of three straight games without a win in Serie A. In a post-game press conference, Antonio Mohamed insisted on taking responsibility for the performance of the team.

The coach demanded an improvement in the defensive system, Atletico’s strong point last season, and hopes that the moment will serve as a learning experience for the squad: “When the team doesn’t work, it’s my responsibility. We have to find a solution in the next match, we have to demonstrate the strength we had. It was a bad match and it has to be a wake-up call for all of us. It has to be a learning experience”, declared ‘El Turco’.

Mohamed also insisted on ‘pulling the ear’ of his players, as he believes that Galo has been turned off in the derby, whose inattention is not unheard of: “Today, that happened. In other games, other situations. We gave it 30 minutes, we entered unfocused. This cannot happen in a team that wants to be a winner. We have to be humble and, if everyone assumes what we have to do, the team will have strength again”, concluded the coach.

As mentioned by the coach, Atlético has shown moments of inattention in recent matches, as in the draws with Coritiba and Goiás, for the Brasileirão, and also in Libertadores, in the draw with Independiente del Valle, from Ecuador. That’s because, on three occasions, he came out ahead on the scoreboard, but ended up “losing two points”. Wanting to recover, Galo faces Red Bull Bragantino next Wednesday (11), at 20:30, away from home, for the 7th round of Serie A.

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