Turco criticizes Atlético-MG’s opening 30 minutes and demands reaction: “Serve as an alarm clock” | athletic-mg

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– When the team doesn’t work, it’s my responsibility. We have to find a solution in the next match, we have to demonstrate the strength we had. It was a bad match and it has to be a wake-up call for all of us – said Turco Mohamed at the press conference.

In the last five games, Galo won only one game, drawing another three and losing one. The coach admitted that it is a difficult moment in the season.

– We are three matches without winning. It’s a difficult time in the season. But the most important thing is the reception we have of defeat, what is the ability to get up.

Antonio Mohamed Atlético-MG — Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

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For Antonio Mohamed, the first 30 minutes were crucial moments in the match. For him, in this period, Atlético-MG did not play well and gave America the opportunity to open the scoring and change the game’s panorama.

– We expected a similar game to the second half on Tuesday. They were pressing, but we were prepared. We had 25 minutes of a lot of doubt, the team played badly, we lost a lot of balls close to our goal. This caused our rival to have many submissions. At this point in the game, their triumph was justified. We can’t give 30 minutes of play. It has to be a learning experience. I am responsible when the team loses. We have to work and improve in this regard.

Turkish Mohamed Atlético-MG — Photo: Pedro Souza/ Atlético-MG

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Finally, the Galo coach believes that the team entered the match unfocused, and highlighted that this cannot happen for a candidate to fight for the top positions.

– Today, this happened. In other games, other situations. We gave it 30 minutes, we entered unfocused, that might be the word. This cannot happen in a team that wants to be a winner. The most important thing is how we get up from defeat. It’s been a long time since we’ve lost at home. Now, we have to start building, brick by brick, see what we didn’t do, everyone knows what we didn’t do. We have to be humble and make the team strong again. If everyone assumes what we have to do, the team will have strength again.

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