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Toyota Australia revealed that the Corolla 12 update will feature greater power in the hybrid version, which should go from 122 to 133 horsepower.

This will allow the Toyota Corolla 1.8 Hybrid to better compete with a possible variant of the Civic with a 1.5-liter hybrid engine, which can have 131 horsepower.

In addition, it will keep the 2.0 Dynamic Force engine with 172 horsepower, which here has up to 177 horsepower on ethanol.

Among the changes, the Corolla 2023 will have USB-C connection, new alloy wheels and more colors available.

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The multimedia will be updated, but it will probably continue to use the Brazilian device here, given the lack of components in the supply chain.

Outside, Toyota Connected Services will have online services, including maintenance, as well as vehicle tracking, emergency calling and collision notification.

The changes to the Corolla should extend to the optics, as well as the grille, bumpers and finishing details.

The Japanese midfielder will also extend safety with Toyota Safety Sense by adding emergency driving assistance, thus taking over the steering wheel in case of health issues with the driver.

g corolla 1 1

Another feature will be the rear traffic alert with automatic braking.

On the dashboard, the cluster will be digital and the multimedia screen will get bigger.

Before that, however, the GR Corolla will keep the current look because its production will be limited and the production of the updated Corolla will only take place from the last quarter of 2022.

With 304 horsepower, manual transmission and four-wheel drive, the GR Corolla will be sold in Brazil and will have a good time here before the sedan is updated.

However, the GR Corolla will have the Honda Civic Type-R as its main rival, also with a manual gearbox, an engine with more than 300 horsepower and apparently with four-wheel drive.

As for the Civic Hybrid sold here, it should come with a 2.0-liter engine with a combined 192 horsepower, much more than the Corolla Hybrid.

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