What are the main differences between C6 Bank and Banco Inter

Most users of online financial institutions have doubts about choosing which are the best banks. This search has increased considerably and the differences between banks are increasing. If you want to choose between the banks C6 or Inter, it is important that the user tries to understand each of the proposals well. Here are some tips to help you decide which bank is right for you.

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What are the differences between C6 and Inter?

The main differences between C6 and Inter are cashback, fees charged for withdrawals, 2nd copy of the card, TED and revolving interest. Inter’s values ​​on revolving interest and card duplicate are much lower than C6 Bank’s.

  • the C6: R$ 20.00 for the card and 14% per month of revolving interest rate;
  • The Inter: R$ 10 to issue a duplicate of the card, and the revolving interest is 9.90% per month.

Inter’s negative point: it doesn’t have its own points exchange program. Customers can enroll in the points program MasterCard Surprise. C6 Bank has the Atoms Program, in which the user can accumulate and exchange the points obtained for cashback, miles or purchases at the C6 Store.

C6 Bank

The C6 is a Brazilian digital bank 100% digital with several services for individuals and companies and has more than 15 million customers. Check out the bank’s benefits and advantages below:

  • Atoms Program for points and rewards;
  • Current account;
  • Credit card with no annual fee;
  • investments;
  • Withdrawal without fee;
  • Does not charge account maintenance;
  • No fees to invest;
  • Toll tag and free parking etc;
  • Discount at home appliance stores;
  • Transfer transactions at no additional cost;
  • Opportunity to choose the name printed on the card, as a corporate name;
  • Customization in different colors.

Inter Bank

The institution, which is the first 100% online bank in the country, began its career in 1994 and seeks to facilitate the transaction of services between banks.

  • Annuity exempt;
  • No fees for transactions on your accounts;
  • Cashback with promotions at partner stores;
  • Interpag: resource for payments, receiving or transferring money through the QR Code;
  • Payment of bills without fees;
  • loans;
  • Deposit by bank slip or TED;
  • investments;
  • Unlimited and free withdrawal;
  • Scheduling payments;
  • salary portability;
  • Real estate financing.

So, before choosing between C6 or Inter, you need to create criteria about what is important to you and what is not to open a digital account and its benefits.

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