WhatsApp: See how to protect yourself from scams carried out by the app

THE Whatsapp is the most used instant messaging application by Brazilians, with around 120 million active accounts in the country. As the main means of communication, the platform is also the most used for scams.

“People communicate a lot using the Whatsapp, where they receive many confirmation messages from services that have been contracted. And that ends up giving an appearance of credibility. It’s a way for the criminal to contact you because, other than that, he wouldn’t be able to reach the person in an easier way. In e-mail, for example, there are still some filters so that (the message) falls into spam” says lawyer Cláudia Bernard, who specializes in cyber crimes.

Know two most applied scams through WhatsApp

WhatsApp Cloning

Cloning the account Whatsapp occurs when criminals get the security code, sent by SMS by the app. Most of the time, they say they are from companies where victims have an active record.

With this, the scammers begin to approach various contacts registered in the account and request bank transfers from friends and family who believe they are the cloning victim. Given this, it is necessary to be suspicious of any similar situation to avoid the coup.

But if you have been victims, let your contacts know, especially family members. After that, send an email to informing you that your account has been cloned and requesting deactivation.

Fake profile creation

The fake profile is created when criminals access databases and obtain information about the victim and their family members. So they create an account on the Whatsapp with the victim’s photo, easily obtained on social networks, and get in touch with their friends and family.

From there, people in bad faith “assume the victim’s identity” and start asking for money from contacts, including family members, reporting that they have financial emergencies and are unable to access their bank account.

In this case, if you have been a victim, immediately notify your contacts and instruct them not to make deposits into third-party accounts. Also, report the account through the app itself and via email

how to protect yourself

A very simple measure that can help users of the Whatsapp, is the two-step verification. See the step by step:

  1. In WhatsApp, go to the settings tab;
  2. Look for the “Account” option;
  3. Once this is done, click on it and tap on “Two-Step Verification”;
  4. Now enable the security layer by creating a new password.

With this, every time you have to access your account, it will be necessary to inform, in addition to the security code, the new verification password.

Other ways to avoid falling for scams and being suspicious of any media that ask for more information than they should. Banks, for example, do not request a transaction simulation through PIX. Another common means are promotions that ask for the telephone number of interested parties.

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