When withdrawing the money invested in XP, do you lose the XP Infinite card?

The XP Visa Infinite card is an option for XP customers with exclusive benefits, but it is only available to customers who invest BRL 5,000 or more on the company’s investment platform.

Among the benefits is the dynamic limit, the ‘Ivestback’ that gives 1% of your expenses back as an investment, and access to the VIP lounges. However, the prerequisite for having the card raises a question for customers: if the investment money is withdrawn, does XP cancel the card?

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How does the XP card work?

XP offers two types of cards: The first is the XP Visa Infinite Card, for customers with BRL 50,000 invested, launched in 2020. In 2021, XP released a more accessible version of credit, this time for investors from of R$ 5 thousand, the XP Visa Infinite Category One Card.

The customer is eligible for the XP Card by investing R$ 5 thousand or more through XP Investimento, regardless of the application. Thus, the XP application will show the “Card” tab in the lower right corner, showing that it is possible to request it.

In the XP Infinite One category, once the card is approved, you can withdraw the money immediately, as the limit is fixed, being established during the credit analysis.

Thus, the customer who wants the Visa XP Infinite, but does not want to leave the money invested in the XP platform, can invest the necessary amount and then withdraw it, who will still be able to keep the card.

Both cards have no annual fee and offer all the benefits offered by the Visa brand in the Infinite variant. One of the differences between the two is access to the VIP lounges, which is a smaller One version.

Another detail is that the limit of the Infinite version is dynamic, calculated according to the values ​​that the client has in XP. In this category, the customer who withdraws the investment will not have credit available on the card. The One is fixed, pre-established in the user’s credit analysis.

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