Where to watch ‘The Hunger Games’ movies online in 2022?

One of the most successful sagas in recent years is ‘The Hunger Games’. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, the saga is an adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ trilogy, bringing to the screen a world where 2 people from each district must be offered to compete in a game, where only one person can get out alive.

The Hunger Games saga consists of 4 films:

  • ‘Hunger Games’,
  • ‘On fire’,
  • ‘Hope – Part 1’,
  • ‘Hope – The End’.

Unlike other titles, several streaming platforms available in Brazil have the right to broadcast the saga. Check out where you can watch each of the ‘Hunger Games’ movies.

Where to watch ‘The Hunger Games’ (2012)?

The 1st movie ‘The Hunger Games’ that starts the saga, is available for subscribers to the platforms of HBO Max and Prime Video. You can also rent the title for a small fee on Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube, and Apple TV.

Where to watch the other movies in the ‘Hunger Games’ saga?

Just like the 1st movie in the saga, the other ‘Hunger Games’ movies are available on HBO Max and Prime Video.

However, another platform has the transmission of the films ‘Catching Fire’, ‘Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins Part 1’ and ‘Mockingjay – The End’. subscribers to Globo Play you can watch these three movies of the saga online.

Movies are available for Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube and Apple TV rentals.

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