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It was a different mother’s day. The Ginásio do Sabiazinho, in Uberlândia, was packed, with almost six thousand people. Many players’ mothers made an effort to be with their children in this special moment. Cruzeiro mothers got the special gift. Cruzeiro beat Minas by 3 sets to 0 (25/20, 36/34, 25/20) and, as they had also won the first game, closed the decisive series in 2 to 1, and guaranteed the title of the Men’s Superliga of Volleyball 2021/2022.

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Cruzeiro started with a bang and won the first set. The second seemed like it would be eternal. It lasted almost an hour, there were many chances for both sides, but it was the celestial team that managed to close it. With the knife and cheese in hand, Cruzeiro took the third and the cup. With the result, the celestial team won the fifth title of the season: Mundial, Supercopa, Mineiro Sul-Americano and, now, the Superliga.

Wallace and Cachopa celebrate Cruzeiro’s point in the Volleyball Superleague final — Photo: Publicity/Sada Cruzeiro

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After two editions out of the final, Cruzeiro not only reached the decision again, but also won the seventh title of the tournament in its history. In the 2011/2012 season, the celestial team won its first cup. The following year, he took the vice president. And then amended a sequence of five consecutive conquests.

Despite the second consecutive runner-up (last season, they lost to Taubaté), Minas remains the biggest winner of the Superliga. There are nine titles. The last one took place in the 2006/2007 season. Cruzeiro is the second biggest winner of the competition.

Rodriguinho was the name of the final. Very agitated from the start, he called the game all the time and was instrumental in the second and decisive set. Cachopa did very well in the distribution, getting in the way of the rival’s blocking. For Minas, Honorato was the player who remained more regular throughout the game, helping with passing and attacking. Kelvi had a good performance too.

Cruzeiro had an almost perfect campaign. In the first phase, they won 20 of the 22 games and finished second, behind Minas, who had the same record, but a better score. The two defeats went to Minas (3 x 1) and to Sesi (3 x 1), both away from home.

In the quarterfinals, the celestial team easily beat São José with a double 3 x 0. In the semifinal, they had a lot more work against Sesi, one of the teams they had been defeated by. In the first game, they won by 3 x 2. In the second, they got another 3 x 0. In the final, they beat Minas by 3 x 2 in the first duel, they lost the second by 3 x 2, but this Sunday they won the third by 3 x 0.

Best moments of the finals

Best moments: Cruzeiro 3 x 2 Minas in the Men's Volleyball Superleague final

Best moments: Cruzeiro 3 x 2 Minas in the Men’s Volleyball Superleague final

Best moments: Cruzeiro 2 x 3 Minas for the 2nd match of the Men's Superliga final

Best moments: Cruzeiro 2 x 3 Minas for the 2nd match of the Men’s Superliga final

Cruise starts rocking

Cruzeiro started more connected in the game. Otávio softened Kelvi’s attack and then made it 4 to 2. Lopez stopped Vissotto in the block and the advantage went to four points (6 to 2). Cachopa went for the serve and widened even more with an ace and a pass break (10 to 4). With Vissotto uninspired, Nery decided to make the inversion in the middle of the set. And managed to reduce to 17 to 13, in good attack by Sanchez. Despite the improvement of Minas, Cruzeiro continued relentless. In the rally, Lopez threw a ball into the air for Wallace. The opposite hit an impressive parallel with no chance of defense (24 to 19). In William’s touchdown, Cruzeiro closed the first set at 25-20.

Lopez and Lukinha celebrate Cruzeiro’s point in the Volleyball Superleague final — Photo: Publicity/Sada Cruzeiro

Minas came back better for the second set and managed to balance the game. The teams exchanged points until Leozinho hit a bomb on the serve and the ball came back for free. William left Vissotto in the singles and the opposite made it 9 to 7. Cruzeiro tied in a beautiful pipe by Lopez (12 to 12) and went ahead in an attack by Wallace. But Vissotto stopped Rodriguinho and then took advantage of the counterattack, putting Minas back in front of the scoreboard (15 to 14).

The teams began to exchange points, when Felipe put Cledenilson in place of Cachopa to increase the block. And he got it right. Rodriguinho caught Honorato and made it 22 to 20. Kelvi made a good serve and then made a save in Wallace’s attack. Vissotto received, turned and tied at 23 to 23. Arthur Bento caught Lopez in the block and turned to Minas (24 to 23). The set was tense, with Cruzeiro saving the rival’s set points. When the celestial team had a counterattack, Rodriguinho turned 29 to 28. Then it was Minas’ turn to save the opponent’s set points. Until Lukinha saved a dribble from Vissotto, Cachopa called Rodriguinho, who closed in an incredible 36 to 34.

Cruzeiro celebrates a point in the final of the Volleyball Superleague — Photo: Publicity/Sada Cruzeiro

Heavenly tranquility. mine voltage

Packed, Cruzeiro took advantage of Minas’ thump to open four to one in the third set. Minas tried to react, but a serve by Lopez, who caught the net and fell, put the celestial team back in good advantage (10 to 5). Wallace ace and opened even more (14 to 7). Leozinho took Wallace and gave Minas a breath of hope (20 to 16). But he stopped there. Lopez and Rodriguinho kept turning the attacks and Cruzeiro closed the set by 25 to 20 in the service error of Matheus Pinta.

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