4 tips for using a credit card correctly

The credit card can be a great ally for the Brazilian consumer when shopping. Or not. This is said, because if not used with conscience, it can become a real villain at the end of the month. Given that, there are some tips that can help you use a card in the best possible way. So, check below for all the details.

4 tips for using a credit card correctly

1) Reduce the amount of credit cards in your wallet

In short, every economic agent you add to your budget adds complexity. So, try to have only one card. In this way, you make it easier to control expenses and monitor important dates, such as the due date and closing of your credit card bill.

2) Set your own limit

This is one of the main rules for those who deal with card. It is only a tool in your budget if you know how to plan your purchases, monitor your expenses and plan for the future. So, if you’ve still looked at your finances, and defined your standard of living, you’re still not ready to use the credit card as a tool.

3) Get in the habit of looking at your invoice

The card statement is an excellent source to study your consumption behavior. Most modern cards generally classify spending by category. And that can help you measure what you prioritize in your budget. Invoice numbers have a lot to say about you.

4) Pay the entire bill on the due date and do not lend your card

Most debts start with the delay and installment of the card bill. And so, the interest charged in this type of negotiation is very high. This leads the person to not be able to pay the bill, and increases the debt of the same. With regard to lending the credit card, be aware that the payment of the invoice is the responsibility of the holder. Therefore, you need to analyze whether you are really willing to take the risk of taking on the debt if payment does not occur.

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