5 fruits to loosen the intestine in a natural way, check it out

São Leopoldo, May 9, by Fernando Peres – You will meet today, at Agro News, 5 fruits to loosen the gut. In addition, it is much more beneficial than taking medicine, especially without a prescription. Enjoy and add the site to your browser’s favorites, so you don’t miss any of the dozens of daily news.

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If you’ve been feeling like your belly is always hard, bloated and it’s hard to poop, it could be a sign of constipation. In addition, other symptoms are: you have a lot of strength to evacuate and your stools are hard and dry, this is a sign that it’s time to treat. The good news is that ingesting 100 grams of any of the 5 fruits to loosen the gutoften helps more than using medicine.

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Discover 5 fruits to loosen the intestines and say goodbye to constipation

Constipation or constipation, as constipation is also known, according to the wikipedia, can be treated with fruit. It is even a more pleasant and natural way to get rid of a problem that besides being annoying, it bothers a lot. They are the healthiest way to deal with this difficulty.

To treat a cold, you need fiber and water. Constipation cannot be resolved by taking medicine these days. You even clean your bowels. However, in two weeks you will have the same symptoms again. You don’t allow the intestinal flora to rebalance and bacteria to play their role. In other words, it’s about fermenting, absorbing what’s needed and eliminating what’s not.

But there is a way to avoid rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, bleeding and even cracks caused by constipation. Discover the 5 fruits to loosen the intestines that will eliminate this discomfort.

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5 fruits to loosen the intestine in a natural way, check it out - Reproduction Canva Pro
5 fruits to loosen the intestine in a natural way, check it out – Canva Pro reproduction

1. Fresh plum

It is a classic for constipation because it has a lot of water and fiber. That is, there are 1.9 grams of fiber and 88 grams of water. Also, plums have sorbitol, which makes the fruit sweet, but it is not absorbed and causes a laxative effect for your intestines.


The fruit helps with gastric emptying because it slightly irritates the lining of the intestine, making you want to defecate. What’s more, whenever you think of citrus fruits, you’re thinking of fruits that are good for constipation. In addition to being part of the group of 5 fruits to loosen the gut, lemon also has 2.1 grams of fiber and 90.1 grams of water.


And contrary to what you may be thinking, the best thing is to eat with the bagasse. The fruit has 1.8 grams of fiber and 86.3 grams of water in its composition. Also, the more bitter the orange, the greater the amount of naringenin.

This substance is an important flavonoid to take care of the intestine and also reduce its permeability. In addition, it does not allow toxins to be reabsorbed and is an excellent anti-inflammatory for the intestine.


Kiwi has huge potential and is an excellent laxative. It is perfect to be consumed if you feel that your stool is too dry. In addition, it is composed of 1.9 grams of fiber and 82.9 grams of water. The fruit has a fiber that swells a lot. In other words, it means that the more swollen your stools become softer.


It’s another classic in the list of 5 fruits to loosen the intestines naturally, so it couldn’t be left out. More fiber is present in papaya formosa (1.8 grams) and more water (88.2 grams) is present in papaya.

Even when it comes to constipation, always choose the first option, papaya formosa. In addition, the fruit has papain, which is a substance that softens and helps digest proteins in the stomach.

Eating 100 grams of any of the above fruits three days a week will add fiber and water to your diet. Plus a number of assorted vitamins and minerals. And if you combine healthy eating with regular physical activity, not only your intestines, but your whole body will work better.

Treating constipation is for the general health of your body and not just that momentary discomfort. Therefore, consumption of any of the 5 fruits to loosen the gut is of fundamental importance. If you can eat more than one, even better. Finally, if you liked it, share it with friends, family and on your social networks to help more people with this problem.

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