After giving Flamengo a deadline, Jorge Jesus says he will not return to Brazil and talks about a possible deal with a new club

Coach talked to the television channel SIC Newsin Portugal, and stated that he will not return to Brazil

“I will not return to Brazil”. It was in this way that Jorge Jesus spoke to the television channel SIC News, still at the airport, on his arrival in Portugal. The coach spent about ten days in Brazil and caused a stir after stipulating the Renato Maurício Pradocolumnist for the portal UOLa deadline until the 20th of May for the Flamengohis former club, to seek him out.

Jorge Jesus still left open the possibility of taking on the Fenerbahce from Turkey. The European club made an official offer to the Portuguese, who should soon decide his future. The information of a possible trip to Turkey and the closing of the market in Portugal for the coach was brought by last week.

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A few days ago, Jorge Jesus was at the house of Kléber Leite, former president of Flamengo, alongside Renato Maurício Prado, columnist for the portal UOL. There, the former coach of Rubro-Negro made veiled criticisms of Paulo Sousa’s team and even said that he would like to return to direct the team, giving a period of just under two weeks for the club to look for him.



Coach gave a press conference after Flamengo’s defeat to Botafogo in the Brasileirão

“I want to go back, yes. But it’s not just up to me. I can wait until at least the 20th. After that, I have to decide my life”, he began by saying, before talking about the feelings he has for the Rio club.

“This team still messes with me. It bothers me to see them in difficulties. I’m sure that if I had continued we would have achieved a long hegemony here. We were way ahead of the others.”

In 2020, after a magical 2019 for Rubro-Negro, Jorge Jesus, who had renewed his contract, accepted an offer from Benfica, a club he had already managed. And the pandemic was fundamental for the decision to return to Portugal.

“The pandemic affected me a lot. It was something absolutely unexpected and devastating. I was completely alone. An employee would leave the food on the doorstep of my apartment and run away. It felt like I was living in a leper colony. It was very difficult. The invitation came from the president of Benfica, an old friend, that seemed to me the best option. Even to return to live close to my family”, he added.

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