After Saturday’s lottery results, Caixa announces new prizes; check out

After the results of Saturday (07), the Cashier announces new awards for its lotteries in the second week of May. According to the rates of Quina, Lotofácil, Mega-Sena and more, many awards were paid in the main and secondary tracks. Therefore, the estimate is that lotteries will be crowded with new bets, even more with the new lottery announced by the CEF. So, see the jackpots that are in play, according to the lottery team of Prime diary.

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The raffles at Cash Lotteries are distributed throughout the week with a minimum of 4 modalities and a maximum of 8. In addition, some prizes offered are accumulated in millionaire values, while others have initial prizes in their catalog. Therefore, the choice of numbers determines the winners. In addition, bets are open individually or in online mega bets, such as game combos.

Caixa announces new lottery prizes

After Saturday's lottery results, Caixa announces new prizes;  check out
After Saturday’s lottery results, Caixa announces new prizes; check it out/Source: Diário Prime

Already this Monday (09), the entity announces four lotteries, which have prizes valued in millions. So, the lottoeasythe Lotomania, Quina and Super Seven have their bets open, with their draws scheduled for 20h.

Furthermore, the prize of the first lottery is an initial value of R$ 1.5 million, while the second type has an accumulated value of R$ 1.6 million. In the meantime, the super seven and lottomania are also accumulated. Therefore, its premiums are valued at R$1.2 million and R$2.7 million, respectively.

On Tuesday, Caixa’s lotteries that are in play are timemania (R$ 16.5 million); Lucky day (one million reais); and Double Seine (R$ 2 million). It is worth noting that on this day there will also be new Quina and Lotofácil draws, which are drawn every day. Therefore, your prizes will be available after Monday’s results.

Thus, it is already known that the Federal lottery and Mega Sena already have their awards announced. Thus, on Wednesday, players will be able to bet on them and on 4 other modalities, which are still fixed on Monday, as well as the two on Tuesday. Federal will pay BRL 500,000 as usual, while Sena will pay BRL 27 million.

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