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With 20 shots in their favor against eight from Flu, Verdão put pressure on Fernando Diniz’s team with a high score and often made it difficult to get the ball out, causing problems even for goalkeeper Fábio.

Fábio in Palmeiras vs Fluminense — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Sparing no one, Abel Ferreira climbed Verdão with two wingers (Wesley and Dudu) instead of having Gustavo Scarpa playing on the left, with shirt 7 on the other side.

Wesley’s individual plays created little danger on the left side, and in the initial stage, once again, Palmeiras’ best moments came from the plots between Dudu and Raphael Veiga. But Fluminense’s well-backed marking, with the lines very close to their area, made it difficult to create clear chances.

Even so, Verdão had chances in the first half especially in Rony’s speed. The clearest came after the striker’s clash with Fábio inside Fluminense’s area. Wesley missed the rebound, even with the goalie already beaten.

"It was not a good point for Palmeiras", regrets Bocca |  The Voice of the Crowd

“It wasn’t a good point for Palmeiras”, laments Bocca | The Voice of the Crowd

In a game that was getting rough with strong tackles from both sides and the Palmeirenses complaining about the wax that Fluminense made since the first half, Abel decided to change not only names, but the team’s scheme to make the pressure more effective.

After two great chances created by Dudu, the coach took Danilo and Wesley to put Gustavo Scarpa and Rafael Navarro. In addition to being a reference player at the front, he left shirt 14 as a midfielder on the right to play close to Rony and passed Dudu to the other side. The goal came soon after, with a pass from Scarpa.

The advantage was fair at that moment, when Palmeiras took few risks and bothered Fluminense a lot. But a sequence of errors that are not common for this team led to a bitter draw. A quick Flu transition in which Jorge faltered in the first match ended with Cano sending it to Weverton’s nets.

Dudu celebrates a goal in Palmeiras x Fluminense — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Abel warned that he will have a conversation with the athletes about the move, since Verdão was ahead on the scoreboard, with the game controlled at that moment and it was very disorganized at that moment. After Jorge replaced Piquerez, Fluminense had some dangerous escapes on the left side.

Result: the third draw in five games for Palmeiras in the Brasileirão. Overwhelming and with 100% success in Libertadores, the team had a good game in the national competition, but is experiencing a very different situation in the table.

At the beginning of the press conference, Abel said that he is not worried and in fact it is not for that, after all there are only five rounds. But there are many setbacks in this beginning of the Brazilian and care must be taken not to be too far from the pointers right away.

Premiere Brasileirão banner — Photo: Reproduction

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