“Any detail that comes out can say something”; Training photo ‘delivery’ providence of Abel with Jorge; side receives BRL 900,000/monthly

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Left-back missed a bid in last Sunday’s game that resulted in Alviverde’s draw with Fluminense at Allianz Parque

Photo: Cesar Greco - Jorge trains on the field with a 'blind eye' of Abel in the background at the Palmeiras CT activity
Photo: Cesar Greco – Jorge trains on the field with a ‘blind eye’ of Abel in the background at the Palmeiras CT activity

Abel Ferreira left the field, last Sunday (08), upset with the referee in the tie palm trees by 1 to 1 with Fluminense for the Brazilian Championship. The setback kept Alviverde in the second half of the table and six points behind leader Corinthians. But on social media, more than judge Sávio Pereira Sampaio, the great villain chosen by the frustrating result was the left-back George.

Piquerez left the field with a left thigh injury and will miss Palmeiras in the next matches. For this reason, shirt 6 entered the field, but has not yet shown the potential to receive one of the highest salaries in the squad. According to colleague Jorge Nicola, from the portal Yahoo, Jorge earns more than R$900,000 monthly (since Verdão did not pay to buy him from French football).

In the game against Fluminense, when Palmeiras was winning by 1 to 0 with a goal from Dudu, Jorge failed in the ‘boat’ in Caio Paulista and opened a hole in the corridor. The Fluminense striker followed free and crossed for Cano to tie. It is noted that the left-back of Palmeiras loses the time of the ball, but also takes his foot to make the foul on the opposing team’s winger.

Abel knows that Jorge is not even close to the football he showed in Santos and Flamengo, but shirt 6 will be the starter in the following games as long as Piquerez doesn’t recover. Another alternative in the Palestinian group is the young Vanderlan, one of the club’s highlights at this year’s Copinha. This Monday (09), Verdão released photos of the training and the Portuguese coach spoke privately with the winger.

the colleague Raí Monteiro, from Bandsports and Conmebol TV, highlighted that the conversation can reveal trends in Palmeiras in the short term. “In times of closed training and little information about the work, any detail that ‘comes out’ can say something… Palmeiras published some photos of today’s training and among them these two by Abel Ferreira in a chat with Jorge, who been playing well.”

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