As in BH, the film ‘Não Olha Pra Cima’ talks about mining: see the comparison

Many people began to notice a similarity in the argument used for mining in Serra do Curral, in BH, and in the four Oscar-nominated film ‘Não Olha Para Cima’, from Netflix.

The film tells the story of scientists trying to warn governments and the common population about a terrible meteor that will fall to Earth, wiping out all life. With current technology, it was possible to save the planet by deflecting the object. However, a big businessman discovers that he can mine the meteor and earn a lot of money. Ultimately his plan fails and the consequence is the final destruction of the planet. The businessman who wanted to mine the asteroid saves himself by traveling to another planet. With him he takes the rulers who supported him and other rich people.

In this post we will tell a little bit about each character. Is it really possible to make a parallel with the current situation in Serra do Curral? See below and make your own comparison:

In the film, actress Mary Streep plays a ruler who doesn’t care about the situation on the planet and tries to convince the population to stop commenting, talking and even believing in the risk of destroying the planet. He chants “don’t look up”. Worried about the elections, which are coming, she is the first to join the businessman who wants to mine the asteroid instead of diverting it from our route.

Actor Mark Rylance plays a billionaire who convinces the ruler to put aside saving the planet so he can mine the meteor that is falling to Earth. His main argument is that this mining will bring great advances and benefits to the planet. When his plan fails, he escapes in a rocket along with other billionaires and takes the ruler with them.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence play scientists who claim to have made numerous calculations and the result is always the same: if we leave the situation as it is, the planet will be destroyed. Despite all the scientific data and studies, they are completely ignored and sometimes even ridiculed.

Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry play the part of the press that even gives a voice to scientists, but has already chosen to side with the ruler and billionaire who want to let the meteor fall on the planet to mine it. When they receive the experts, they even mock their alarming arguments.

Jonah Hill plays the president’s son. His role is to serve as a doormat for politics and agree with everything she says or thinks. Ironically, he is still left behind and dies along with everyone else in the end.

Adam McKay plays a government official who puts meteor mining interests above the survival of humanity in exchange for crumbs and personal gain.

Timothée Chalamet and her friends play part of civil society, which follows all the controversy, but stays away from the problem until it’s too late.

The end of the film shows the rich people arriving on another planet and symbolizes the impunity of rulers and millionaires who were saved after their actions destroyed the planet and all ordinary people without privileges.

So, did you find at least some similarity between the film and the current situation in Belo Horizonte? We found a video that summarizes the film in 5 minutes. Watch or remember the film:

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