Big Xbox Live Outage Leads to Confusion Over ‘Offline’ Gaming

It was a weekend full of drama! As we have already mentioned elsewhere in Windows Clu, the Xbox network has suffered a lot of problems in the last couple of days, leading to a lot of confusion, frustration of gamers.

On multiple occasions in the last 48 hours, some gamers have reported not being able to play any of their Xbox games regardless of whether they want to play online or offlineresulting in several complaints:

We need to have a serious discussion about how Offline mode is completely pointless. from xboxone

In cases like this, the solution is usually set your Xbox as a “home/home” console before the network outage, and while this seems to be working effectively for most people, some were reporting that the “Xbox Core” option was not fixing the problem for them on this occasion. However, it seems that the vast majority of these users have simply not been told exactly how it works:

The outage has certainly generated a lot of discussion about how Xbox handles outages from its “offline mode“, and it will be interesting to see if the Xbox team responds to some of the discontent in the coming days.

It seems like the main thing that needs to be communicated more effectively is that setting up your Xbox as a “home” console is crucial before Xbox Live goes down and then you also need to manually choose the “Stay Offline” setting. There’s a lot of confusion about this, and it really shouldn’t be that complicated for the average user.

Have you been having problems? What are your thoughts? Let us know down in the comments below.

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