Chat, rescission fine and new coach: Atlético’s latest

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Atlético fans ask for Turco’s departure and choose an ideal name: ‘Liga logo’

On Twitter, there were many demands regarding coach Antonio Mohamed. Chosen to be Cuca’s replacement, the Argentinian is far from unanimous among Atletico. Many understand that it is time to fire Turco and go after Jorge Jesus, an old desire of the club and who is free on the market.

Atlético-MG fans detonate five players after defeat in the Brasileirão

During and after the derby, Atletico fans were annoyed with many players. Among the most cited were Hulk, Ademir, Jair, Allan and Zaracho. Coach Antonio Mohamed once again received several charges from the athleticans.

Termination fine: Find out how much Atlético-MG will have to pay if Antonio Mohamed resigns found that people close to President Sérgio Coelho want answers to the performance below expectations of the team under the command of the Argentine coach this season.

According to two sources linked to the football department, interviewed by, the termination penalty was set at US$ 2 million (R$ 10.1 million, at the current price). The amount was agreed by the manager of the coach, Fernando Felicevich, with the agreement of the Rooster.

Atlético-MG: Keno gets annoyed with a question and argues with a reporter: ‘Did they knead it?’

América beat Atlético 2-1, Saturday, at Independência, for the 5th round of the Brazilian Championship. After beating Coelho for Libertadores, on Tuesday, Galo succumbed to Serie A and is stationed at 8 points. On the way out of the lawn, Keno was bothered by a question asked by reporter Igor Assunção, from Rádio 98FM.

Absolute holder of Atlético-MG, Arana has seen market value increase more than six times since he arrived at the club

The winger Guilherme Arana is one of the main players in Brazilian football after returning from Europe to Atlético-MG and becoming an absolute starter. The player, who left Corinthians for Sevilla as a young promise, did not grow up in the Old Continent. He passed by Atalanta on loan, without success, and returned to Galo to regain space. Soon, Arana succeeded.

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