Check out the coins that can be worth R$ 10,000

Within the practice of collecting coins, there is a classification of the degree of rarity. Numismatists don’t mind investing high values ​​to win valuable specimens. To give you an idea, the most expensive currency in Brazil can be worth up to millions.

However, some factors may affect the market’s progress, such as, for example, consecutive variations in inflation. Setting a fair value for a rare piece becomes a more complicated activity.

Despite a more challenging scenario where collectors end up having to deal with fakes, the market is still very active and individuals can even sell your coins for great value.

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Coins of BRL 0.50

Some collectors are looking for specific R$0.50 coins. The wanted parts were issued in 2012 with an error: without the zero. The defect can lead the item to be worth up to R$ 1,800 on the market.

Furthermore, copies launched in 1998, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, can fetch R$450 each. The pieces created to honor the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics are also considered rare and valuable.

BRL 1 coins

In 2016, Brazil hosted the Olympics and, as a way of honoring the event and sports, the Central Bank (BC) issued several R$1 coins. The first piece, which honored the delivery of the flag to Brazil, was launched in 2012. Another 16 units symbolized a Paralympic or Olympic sport.

The older the part, the more expensive it is. According to forums and collectors’ websites, the pieces launched for the 2016 Rio Olympics can be worth between R$7,000 and R$10,000 (amount referring to the complete collection). See which are the 5 most valuable.

  • Olympic flag delivery currency: Known as the delivery coin of the Olympic flag, created in 2012, it was the first coin in the collection and paid tribute to the delivery of the Olympic flag to Brazil. You can find it on the internet for between R$175 and R$300.
  • Athletics currency: Athletics, which is the oldest sport in the Olympic Games, was part of the first set created by BC and Casa da Moeda. The obverse of the piece has the image of an athlete executing a triple jump. It can cost between R$8 and R$30.
  • Swimming currency: Another one launched by BC and Casa da Moeda, the piece has on its obverse the image of two swimmers diving into a pool. The price of the coin varies between R$8 and R$30.
  • Paratriathlon currency: The piece was the first created to represent a Paralympic sport and has on its obverse images of an athlete in three moments of the competition. It can be worth between R$8 and R$30.
  • Vinicius and Tom mascots currency: Created in honor of composers Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim, the coins can be worth between R$8 and R$30.

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