Check the size of the debts of the biggest clubs in Brazil

Despite the global financial crisis caused by the pandemic, it was possible to see recovery in many Brazilian clubs throughout the 2021 season. A Sports Value survey of 20 teams shows that 11 of them reduced their debts last season.

The relationship includes Corinthians, Inter, Botafogo, Vasco, Santos, Palmeiras, Flamengo, Bahia, Athletico, Fortaleza and Atlético-GO.

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The most significant reductions came from Flamengo, which shrunk its debt by 43%; Palmeiras, down 23%; and Atlético-GO, which detonated 74% of debts in just 12 months.

Even so, there are still a lot of teams with unpayable debts. The most serious cases are those of Atlético (R$ 1.2 billion) and Cruzeiro (R$ 1 billion) from Minas Gerais. It is worth noting, however, that, between rivals, there is an abyss when it comes to the ability to collect. Galo surpassed BRL 500 million in 2021, against BRL 143 million for Raposa, impacted by its presence in Serie B.

Below, the clubs’ debts and the percentage of growth or reduction compared to December 2020.


1st Atlético-MG: BRL 1.26 billion (4%)
2nd Cruise: BRL 1.02 billion (6%)
3rd Corinthians: BRL 912 million (-4%)
4th International:: BRL 864 million (-2%)
5th Botafogo: BRL 862 million (-8%)
6th Vasco: BRL 709 million (-14%)
7th Fluminense: BRL 664 million (2%)
8th São Paulo: BRL 642 million (12%)
9º Santos: BRL 509 million (-10%)
10th Palmeiras: BRL 434 million (-23%)
11th Flamengo: BRL 428 million (-43%)
12th Guild: BRL 401 million (1%)
13th Red Bull Bragantino: BRL 274 million (91%)
14th Sport: BRL 230 million (29%)
15th Bahia: BRL 225 million (-16%)
16th Athletico-PR: BRL 191 million (-4%)
17th America: BRL 91.7 million (6%)
18th Fortaleza: BRL 36.2 million (-5%)
19th Ceará: BRL 31.8 million (20%)
20th Atlético-GO: BRL 8.8 million (-74%)

* Sports Value survey

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