Ciro Gomes tests positive for Covid-19

BRASÍLIA — The pre-candidate for the presidency by the PDT, Ciro Gomes, was diagnosed with Covid-19 this Monday. The former minister announced the diagnosis on social media and suspended the pre-campaign agenda that was scheduled for this week.

Ciro would travel this Monday night to Rio de Janeiro. In the city, in addition to meetings with allies in the state capital and in Niterói, the pedestrian would also record his YouTube program “Ciro Games” in person at the home of screenwriter and comedian Antonio Tabet, on Tuesday.

The pre-candidate was also one of the guests of the event “Pensar Brasil”, which takes place at the Museum of Tomorrow. Ciro would speak at a table with the president of the PDT, Carlos Lupi, on Thursday. All schedules in Rio were cancelled.

On the networks, Ciro said he had mild symptoms and asked that people he had contact with recently also tested themselves.

“Unfortunately I tested positive for Covid. The symptoms are mild and, God willing, I will soon be recovered. I am forced to suspend pre-campaign activities. But, with due precautions, I will be doing Ciro Games, tomorrow, straight from my house “, wrote the pre-candidate, who added: “I ask those who have had the closest contact with me, in the last few days, to take their tests even if they are not showing symptoms. And I recommend everyone to take care, because the pandemic is not over! “

Over the weekend, Ciro was in Curitiba, capital of Paraná, for the affiliation of former federal deputy Ricardo Gomyde, who is expected to run for the Senate. On Friday, the pedestrian attended the mass of Father Júlio Lancelloti, in São Paulo.

According to the pre-candidate’s campaign, there is still no information whether Ciro’s travel schedule will have to be changed because of the Covid diagnosis. Next week, the pedestrian is scheduled to go to Rio Grande do Sul. Then he should go to São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Bahia.

It is the second time that Ciro is tested with the disease. He had Covid-19 for the first time in October 2020.

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