Civil Police arrest suspect of maintaining clandestine factory of artisanal weapons in Barra do Garças

The Civil Police launched this Monday (09.05) the first phase of Operation Ana Mkhauir with a focus on repressing robberies in the Campo Verde region. Seven judicial warrants were served, including one preventive arrest and six searches and seizures against targets investigated by the Civil Police Station of the municipality.

Civilian police located two vehicles, a Fiat Uno used in the crime, and a VW Jetta, also used in another robbery.

A 22-year-old woman was taken into custody for involvement in the crimes. According to the investigation conducted by delegate Philipe de Paula Pinho, the suspect used a false document in the name of another person to receive bank transactions that were made with the victims’ cards.


One of the crimes investigated by the Campo Verde Police Station was recorded on April 16. The victims were surprised inside the house by three armed criminals, who surrendered and beat them. Afterwards, the trio fled taking several objects from the house in a Corolla vehicle.

Criminals left and returned to the residence several times, always keeping in touch with third parties through video calls, when they were instructed to use victims’ cards and also make bank transfers. Approximately R$ 15 thousand reais were transferred from the victims’ accounts and a Toyota Corolla was subtracted. After committing the robbery, the trio left the victims tied up and locked in a bathroom in the house.

The victims stated that they suffered a sequence of torture, threats, aggression when the suspects carried out banking transactions via Pix and also with the use of credit card.

During the efforts to clarify the crime and identify the perpetrators of the robbery, investigators obtained security camera footage that showed the arrival of the suspects in the vicinity of the victims’ house.

Civil police officers also managed to identify the beneficiary accounts that received the amounts transferred from the victims. In this way, the police arrived at the suspect arrested this Monday, who used false documents for the bank account.

The investigation also surveyed the route taken by the vehicle used by the criminals (Fiat Uno), which left Campo Verde and went to Cuiabá, returning shortly afterwards.


During the execution of the searches, the police officers arrived this Monday at a farm, in the Recanto do Bosque II neighborhood, where the Fiat Uno and VW Jetta were located.

Deputy Phillipe explains that the investigation continues to reach the others involved in the robbery.

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