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An American prison guard who had disappeared with an inmate who was suspected of murder in the United States were arrested in the state of Indiana this Monday (9) after ten days in which they were on the run.

Vicky White, the 56-year-old guard, worked in a penitentiary in the state of Alabama.

She and inmate Casey White, 38, were seen at a hotel in Indiana driving a Ford F-150 pickup.

Police then began a chase that ended with a raid, according to the local sheriff.

Vicky was in the passenger seat. She needed to be hospitalized. There are no details of her health status.

Escape from Jail in Alabama

Casey White was one of the inmates at the Florence jail in the US state of Alabama. Vicky is accused of “allowing or facilitating” the prisoner’s escape, according to Sheriff Rick Singleton.

Vicky’s title is Assistant Director of Corrections. She was last seen escorting Casey to a local courthouse on April 29. Despite having the same last name, they are not family members. A report by an affiliate of the NBC channel, however, points out that, according to investigators familiar with the case, other inmates at the jail said they have a “special relationship”.

“Casey White is an extremely dangerous person and we need to track him down and get him off the street,” said Sheriff Singleton. There is a $10,000 reward for information on the missing murder suspect and the assistant director.

Homicide suspect was helped by prison system employee — Photo: AP/US Marshals Service, Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office

“We have confirmed through independent sources and other means that there was indeed a relationship between Casey White and Vicky White outside of their normal working hours – not physical contact, but a relationship of a different nature,” Singleton said, according to the US broadcaster. CNN.

“We were told that Casey White had special privileges and was treated differently from other inmates while in prison,” Singleton said.

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