Denílson doesn’t stay on the fence about ‘controversial’ penalty in Palmeiras tie: “Those tricks”

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Commentator tried to give his opinion on the subject, which generated a negative impact on Verdão fans

Photo: Reproduction/Band - Denílson was straight to the point about the bid.
Photo: Reproduction/Band – Denílson was straight to the point about the bid.

THE palm trees once again it left something to be desired in the Brazilian Championship and was in a tie against Fluminense for the 6th round, adding only 1 point and reaching 6 in total, occupying the 13th place. Contrary to what has been seen in the Libertadores group stage, the team led by Abel Ferreira has only won 1 victory so far, in addition to 3 draws.

Anyway, a specific move drew a lot of attention, especially for being harmful to Verdão and generating negative comments even from Abel Ferreira: Rony received a throw from Marcos Rocha, entered the area, dribbled Fábio and went to the ground, but the referee Savio Pereira Sampaio ordered the game to continuesomething that became a controversy after the final whistle.

Specifically about this tie, the Portuguese coach disagreed with the position of the refereeing team: “I have nothing to say, but if the referees play as many games and travel as we do, it will also be necessary for them to do some rotation, because they must be tired…. It is important to remember that in “Central do Apito”, Sálvio Spinola stated that he would have given the penalty.

However, during the “Jogo Aberto” program this Monday (9), Renata Fan and Denílson spoke about the bidstarting with the former player, who went straight: For me, it wasn’t a penalty. Rony values ​​the move and leaves his right leg for Fábio’s contact. These tricks on the part of football players end up making them miss a clear chance to score. Wesley was free to receive Ron’s ball”he pointed out, generating the comment of the presenter, who disagreed:

For me it’s a very clear penalty committed by Fábio, who is an experienced goalkeeper. The ball just doesn’t reach Wesley because he was intercepted. I would score a penalty”, he said. Anyway, the intention now is to turn the page and continue with the planning, but this time aiming at the Copa do Brasil, against Juazeirense, next Wednesday (11), at Allianz Parque.

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