Do vegetarian children develop well? Check out the study

A very controversial topic among parents around the world is adapting their children’s diet. People who adhere to a strictly vegetarian diet would like their children to follow the same ideology from an early age. However, studies differ on what would be the best nutrients for a healthy and nutritious diet for children. Is it okay for a child to be a vegetarian?

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Is it okay for a child to be a vegetarian? find out today

Research published in the specialized journal Pediatrics revealed that vegetarian children had a development similar to that of children who eat meat. The main difference noticed by the researchers was in the overall weight. Vegetarian children were more likely to be underweight.

“Over the past 20 years, we have seen a growing popularity of plant-based diets and a changing food environment with more access to plant-based alternatives. However, we have not seen research on the nutritional outcomes of children following vegetarian diets in Canada,” said Jonathon Maguire, a pediatrician at St. Michael’s Hospital of Unity Health Toronto. He is the lead author of the study mentioned above.

Vegetarian children showed a lack of ferritin

Another difference pointed out was the low level of ferritin in the body. Vitamin D was also at levels well below expectations. These data show a greater need for food supplementation in vegetarian children.

With this, it is understood that the diet based on products of animal origin provides more elements necessary for the good health of the organism. “Children who were underweight in both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian groups were similar and younger in age and of Asian descent,” said Amy Kimberlain. “In India, children’s growth charts differ from US growth charts. An average 5-year-old girl in India is expected to weigh 17 kilograms and be around 1.08 meters tall. In the US, an average five-year-old girl of the same height should weigh 18 kilograms.”

More studies should address the topic to better understand vegetarian children.

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