Get to know 5 juices rich in vitamin A right now and discover their incredible health benefits

Novo Hamburgo, May 8, 2022, by Jones Backes – The use of juices rich in vitamin A are powerful allies in maintaining your health. That’s because they, by themselves, deliver a series of benefits and guarantee protection against various evils. So, if you want to know more about it, stay with us and find out which drinks are these and what are their advantages.

First, to know which juices rich in vitamin A It’s interesting to know what this nutrient is about, isn’t it? In this case, vitamin A, or retinol, is a micronutrient, which means that it is essential for the maintenance of our body. In addition, it is fat soluble, that is, it dissolves in fat and its origin is both animal and vegetable.

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Discover 5 juices rich in vitamin A

Get to know 5 juices rich in vitamin A right now, and discover their incredible health benefits / Source: Canva Pro

Despite being essential, our body cannot produce this nutrient on its own, as is the case with vitamin D, for example. So, we need to look for retinol in food. But in which ones? Good options are vegetables and fruits. For this reason, Casa & Agro has put together five drinks that you can make at home to achieve this goal. Check out!

  1. Sweet potato – To make this drink, the potato needs to be cooked, right? In this sense, its consumption is extremely beneficial, as it provides 204% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin A.
  2. Carrots with orange – First of all, orange fruits and vegetables or yellow are rich in carotenoids, compounds that turn into retinol in the body.
  3. Tomato – In the same way as in the previous case, tomato is rich in beta carotene and alpha carotene. Once in the body they convert into the nutrient in question.
  4. Mango – Among the juices rich in vitamin A we find mango. When using a unit of the fruit, you already get 20% of the recommended daily amount of retinol.
  5. Butter kale – In the case of kale, it is possible to get an incredible 80% of the recommended daily amount of the nutrient. However, if you find the idea of ​​kale juice strange, try making the recipe with lemon or pineapple.

Did you like the tips? In this way, remember that, in addition to retinol, the juices that we mentioned above contain a series of other essential substances for our body. Thus, such drinks are a “bomb” of health benefits. So, it’s worth a try.

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What are the benefits of these vitamin A-packed drinks?

But, after all, what is this nutrient for? One of its main functions is to assist in the growth of body cells. Added to this, it also has an antioxidant function and fights the action of free radicals on our cells. In practice, as nutritionist Bruna Ferreira explains, in an article published on Portal G1, on April 28, 2022, vitamin A serves mainly for:

  • Protect the health of vision;
  • Increase immunity;
  • Prevent premature aging;
  • Avoid cardiovascular problems;
  • Help with weight loss;
  • Maintain the health of the mother and fetus.

See why we can’t live without her? So, now that you know what the juices rich in vitamin A, start including them in your daily diet right now. In addition, remember that your daily intake varies according to weight, age and gender. For this reason, consultation with a professional is always recommended.

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