Hulk walks with daughter in R$ 22,000 baby stroller and web reacts

Hulk walks with his daughter in a R$22,000 baby stroller (photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Montage)

Football player Givanildo Vieira de Sousa, better known as Hulk, and his current wife, digital influencer Camila ngelo, impressed by showing their newborn daughter, little Zaya, in a luxurious baby stroller.

The heiress is the youngest daughter of the striker of Clube Atltico Mineiro and the only daughter of the influencer. The athlete took advantage of his day off to go for a walk with his family, he shared the walk with his wife and baby on social networks. However, what drew the most attention in the record was the stroller used by the couple.

The Galo top scorer’s tour took place the day after Atltico’s defeat in the Minas Gerais classic against America, 2-1, for the fifth round of the Brazilian Championship.

According to information on the UOL website, the baby stroller in question costs around R$22,000 and is an exclusive model of the children’s brand Mima Xari. The standard price of the same cart in other colors is R$ 14 thousand.

The item was acquired by Camila and Hulk at the end of last year, on a trip to the United States of America when they set up the children’s trousseau.

On social media, netizens were impressed with the value of the cart. “Hulk’s daughter’s baby stroller buys my house quiet,” joked a follower. “To want a cart like that, the guy the Hulk, can carry it without getting tired”, shot another. “This cart must be the price of a Celt”, joked a third.

Zaya the fourth daughter of the ace. In addition to her, the footballer father of Ian, 13, Tiago, 11, and Alice, 9, fruits of his 12-year marriage with Iran ngelo. The little one was born last month and has not yet completed a month.

It is worth noting that she became the trio’s half-sister. She is, at the same time, cousin of the three, since they are children of Iran – Camila’s aunt. Understand the confusion surrounding kinship by clicking here!.

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