‘I resign’: resignation requests hit record and are 1 in 3 dismissals

In March 2022 alone, almost 193,000 formal employment contracts were terminated in Minas Gerais, a record at least since 2020, before the pandemic. The number of resignations is also the highest in this period: approximately 62,000 workers declared “I resign”.

That is, about one in three dismissals were at the request of the employee, according to a survey by the market strategy company LCA Consultores, based on data from the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Caged), of the Ministry of Economy. The volume is 57.2% higher than in the same period last year, while the number of disconnections in general increased much less, 29.3%. The data are not comparable to those before 2020, as the methodology used has changed since then.

The state follows the national trend, which also recorded the record of resignation requests in March this year, with 603,100 dismissals carried out in this way. The movement follows in the wake of what, in the United States, has been called the “Great Resignation”, or “Grand Resignation”, the wave of workers who decided to leave their jobs amid the pandemic. For the economist at LCA Consultores, who carried out the survey, Bruno Imaizumi, the increase reflects a global movement.

“It is a movement that occurs all over the world. Those who had the privilege of working from home changed their relationship with work. A lot of people started to rethink their professional lifestyle and not only appreciate the salary. “, it says. Therefore, on the one hand, Bruno argues that this movement is concentrated among workers who are more likely to make a financial reserve and who work in areas where teleworking is possible.

Another movement also helps to boost the rise in resignation, in the economist’s view: “There is now a normalization of the market. Many people have accepted lower-paying jobs and now find themselves in a scenario more in keeping with their qualifications. In Minas Gerais, in the Southeast, activities related to the home office are concentrated and there is more infrastructure. In some states in the North and Northeast, the number of resignations is not a record”, he ponders.

Since 2020, the percentage of resignations among dismissals has passed double digits, but at the beginning of the pandemic, in April of that year, it dropped to 9.5%, amid mass layoffs and uncertainties about the health crisis, coming back up afterwards.

Professor of economics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Mário Rodarte points out that resignation by choice is not the reality of most Brazilians, in the current economic crisis scenario. “There can be isolated cases, of course, of dissatisfied people leaving a job to look for something better. But the current scenario is not allowing this. The unemployment rate has remained low among the richest 25%”, he says.

Number of resignations in Minas


  • January 2022: 53,515
  • February 2022: 56,193
  • March 2022: 62,065


  • January 2021: 38,818
  • February 2021: 39,246
  • March 2021: 39,468
  • April 2021: 35,024
  • May 2021: 37,810
  • June 2021: 41,230
  • July 2021: 45,895
  • August 2021: 51,100
  • September 2021: 52,053
  • October 2021: 51,664
  • November 2021: 48,138
  • December 2021: 49,041


  • January 2020: 31,181
  • February 2020: 30,494
  • March 2020: 29,141
  • April 2020: 14,870
  • May 2020: 14,495
  • June 2020: 20,009
  • July 2020: 25,995
  • August 2020: 30,699
  • September 2020: 35,691
  • October 2020: 38,846
  • November 2020: 36,138
  • December 2020: 35,646

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