In court, Amber Heard displays embarrassing photos of Johnny Depp

Awaited for a few weeks by the jury and the international media, the Amber Heard testimonial happened last Wednesday (04) and revealed several details about the toxic couple relationship.

Sued for defamation by her ex-husband Johnny Depp, Amber revealed to have taken pictures of Johnny Depp unconscious to prove the Drunkenness and the vices of the actor.

In court, Amber shared the images and claimed that Depp insisted on saying that “did not remember or denied” drug and alcohol abuse. Amber further emphasized that, at the time, “there was no one to [lhe] support”.

Johnny Depp passed out in photos revealed at trial
Johnny Depp passed out in photos revealed at trial (Reproduction)

The photos were presented by the defense of the actress and show Depp allegedly passed out after getting drunk in two different situations. Even, according to Amber, one of the photos would have been taken after a “brief” moment of sobriety for the actor.

“This was after several days of Johnny’s binge. He was on a drug spree where I saw him not eating, sleeping little, and he was just doing cocaine and drinking all day.”

“It would go on for a while, then he’d have a big outburst and get kind of sick and pass out and feel really awful. Often, after these moments, he began a period of sobriety”, concluded the actress.

Also during her testimony, Heard stated that drug use was so constant that she would have noticed a “pattern of behavior changes” from her then-husband.

Amber Heard on trial in the United States
Amber Heard on trial in the United States (Reproduction)

According to Amber herself, her life could get more “complicated, peaceful, difficult or wonderful”, “depending on what [Depp] was using”.

“I started picking up clues, so I could figure out what I was dealing with,” she said. “I understood enough about addiction to know that you have to hit rock bottom, have some consequence to get better.”

“I was already sensitive at the time, I had been in the relationship for over a year. I had already noticed that there was this pattern of behavior changes that would make my life significantly more complicated, peaceful, difficult or wonderful, depending on what he was wearing.”

In the United States, the trial between Heard and Depp is planned to last at least five weeks.

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