Increase in Covid-19 cases after holidays is a ‘warning sign’, say experts

Infectologists analyzed the current scenario, pointing out that the holidays contributed to the growth of cases; Vaccines are still the best way to fight the disease

ALOISIO MAURICIO/FOTOARENA/ESTADÃO CONTENTWoman walks on a street in São Paulo without properly wearing a protective mask
Country saw moving average of cases grow 19% in one week

The numbers of cases Covid-19 at the Brazil are registering a new high in recent days. After the holidays Easter and straps, several states have seen the number of new infections and hospital admissions increase. On April 28, the moving average of cases for the previous seven days was 12,613. A week later, the average jumped to 15,038, which shows an increase of approximately 19.2%. On the other hand, the average number of deaths dropped from 102 to 95 in the same period. On May 5 alone, 21,000 new cases were recorded. The data were released by the Conass. In an interview with Young pan, Rachel Stucchi, an infectious disease specialist at Unicamp and a consultant for the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases, said that the situation puts the authorities on alert. “The current situation puts us on alert. An increase in the number of cases is expected due to the flexibility of all activities and the use of masks. But we also need to note that, as we have a low vaccine coverage with three and four doses for those who need it, this increase in the number of cases may reflect an increase in hospitalization. That will be the thermometer,” said Stucchi.

the infectologist Raquel Muarrek also spoke to Jovem Pan about the increase in cases, citing holidays as one of the causes. “First, we still haven’t slowed down from mutation formation. We still have cases and the frequency of these cases leads us, when we have the relaxation of control measures, to the proliferation of this virus. In addition, we have vaccination, which is still not egalitarian in the entire Brazilian population. With the coming and going of the population, we have an increase in the number of cases. When you have a holiday, carnival, or something like that, you’re going to have those numbers increase,” said Muarrek, who continued, “Unfortunately, he’s going to be around for a long time. We don’t have a vaccination above 90%, 95% of the population. We will have the replication of this virus according to the cluster of people for periods. This increase is what we’ve had from recent holidays.”

Still according to Stucchi, vaccines remain essential to fight the coronavirus and control the pandemic. “We were only able, worldwide, to return to all economic activities thanks to vaccination. That’s why having a three-dose vaccine coverage close to 90% is important. And in the population that needs the fourth dose, vaccine coverage close to 90%. It is important so that we do not have a reflection of Covid-19 in the hospital system and in the increase in lethality “, said the infectologist. Muarrek already mentioned the importance of personal care to avoid contact with the coronavirus. “Individual tag. Where you don’t have vaccination and adequate vaccine response, you have to wear a mask to protect yourself. You go in an environment where there is low (air) circulation, you wear a mask. Continue with proper hand hygiene, avoid hand in mouth, etc. You can contribute to decreasing the chances of you getting infected,” she concluded.

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