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Those who follow Paulo Pezzolano’s work, at Cruzeiro, are already used to the vibration of the Raposa coach. From the start to the end, the coach is always very agitated in the technical area. He guides, he complains with the referee, praises and points out improvements.

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The victory over Grêmio, at Independência, showed a little more of the “soul” of Cruzeiro de Pezzolano. A team of great determination and commitment. The final moments of the game reserved a mix of a lot of tension and vibration from the coach.

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Premiere Brasileirão banner — Photo: Reproduction

THE ge followed the coach’s final moments on the edge of the field. From her, Pezzolano pointed to players and made movements with his arm to guide and also hope that the Grêmio ball did not enter Rafael Cabral’s goal.

In the final moments, Pezzolano forgot the delimitation of the technical area and walked from one side to the other. In the last move, in Cruzeiro’s attack, he guided every step of the players until the final pass. The final minute of coach tension ended with the burst of flutter after the game ended.

Pezzolano celebrates the victory with fellow coaching staff — Photo: Gabriel Duarte

Pezzolano couldn’t hold back his happiness for the victory that put Cruzeiro, again, in the shared leadership of Serie B, along with Bahia. He turned to the heavenly crowd and cheered along with the fans.

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He hugged teammates from the coaching staff and also the players, hugging one by one who approached. A little bit of the vibe of the Cruzeiro coach, who is starting well in Serie B and feeding the dream of returning to the elite of Serie A.

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