Ja Morant blames Jordan Poole for knee injury

Star Ja Morant left the court with a knee injury before the end of the third game of the West semifinals, but he blames Jordan Poole for what happened. in your account at twitter, Morant claimed that Poole “broke the code” during the play, in reference to what Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr said about Gary Payton II’s injury. According to coach Taylor Jenkins, Morant should not play in the next match.

Shortly after, however, Morant deleted the post.

Twitter/Ja Morant

The play took place in the last quarter. As Morant dribbled the ball, Poole pulled his knee. Immediately, the Memphis number 12 left the court, feeling severe pain at the scene.

Memphis Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins said he was curious to see what the NBA would do about Poole.

“He [Morant] will be reassessed later, we watched the replay of the play and then Jordan Poole pulled his knee,” Jenkins said. “Actually, I’m wondering what they’re going to do about it, but when he pulls on Morant’s knee, it’s clear that the injury happens there.”

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On the other hand, Poole has rejected the blame for trying to hurt Morant, but he hopes the injury isn’t serious.

“I’m not that kind of player, I tried to go for the ball, but it’s not my kind of game,” said the guard. “I hope he’s okay, I never wanted him to get hurt there, but we have a new game on Monday.”

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