Jojo Todynho exposes his grandmother and Luciano Huck can’t help but laugh

A more than unusual moment amused “Domingão com Huck”, on Sunday night, May 8th. Jojo Todynhoa participant in the “Dance of the Famous”, left any ceremony aside and put her grandmother in a tight skirt.

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The singer made a point of justifying the reason for D. Maria Rita not be smiling at the attraction – Luciano gathered the participants’ mothers and the funkeira’s grandmother on stage. jojo told that her grandmother was missing her teeth, because the show’s production had to pick her up running and didn’t give her time to find her dentures.

Afraid of being criticized on the internet, jojo tried to explain the unusual situation and made the audience laugh. Jokingly, Jojo anticipated the nasty comments.

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“I have to justify why my grandmother forgot her roach. The Globo driver went to pick it up, he didn’t arrive in time. I said: ‘Grandma, for God’s sake. Soon the others will be there, jostling me on the internet saying that I, ah, there. She has money, she didn’t give her grandmother a tooth’. She has, people. For the love of God”, justified the carioca.

She, with all the irreverence that the public knows, asked that D. Maria Rita “keep” the laugh.

Grandma, put your hand over your mouth, grandma!”.

Luciano Huck couldn’t stand it: “Can’t she laugh today?”, he asked to jojo. “The important thing is that you are here honoring your granddaughter. That’s what’s most important,” emphasized her husband. Angelica.

Moments later, Ms. Maria Rita appeared with her teeth, that is, the driver managed to recover her forgotten denture in Bangu!

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