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After troubled separation, Gabriela Pugliesi celebrates pregnancy: “I dreamed of for years”

Gabriela Pugliesi used her social media to announce that she is pregnant with her first child. The digital influencer explained that she had tried artificial insemination and other procedures for many years, but that she was able to conceive naturally. “The best post of my life, I’m pregnant! It was an ordeal in my life, showing that everything happens at the right time and in God’s time. I hope my story comforts and gives hope to women who are trying and fail”, she said. Pugliesi had been trying to conceive during her relationship with Erasmo Viana, and explained that she went through a difficult time following her breakup and the whirlwind of hormones she was taking to conceive. “It was a very heavy phase, because I didn’t want to share what was happening with my family so as not to make anyone worried. And now I’ve been reborn from the ashes. It’s more proof that we have to trust in life. A year later I’m pregnant, from love of my life, without treatment, without planning,” she added, who has been dating Tulio Dek since May 2021. Término Gabriela Pugliesi spoke on social media after Erasmo Viana announced in February 2021 the end of his nearly four-year marriage with the muse. fitness. She confirmed the breakup and revealed that she had a “disappointment” with the model. “I ended my marriage, yes. I was in the shit for two days, but I raised my head and understood everything. Erasmus was wrong with me, but he is by no means a bad person. Everyone makes mistakes and no one is here to point the finger at me. nobody, life teaches. He chose a path and I chose mine, which was to end the marriage”, explains the digital influencer. Pugliesi said that she did not expect the breakup and that she did it with practicality. “I never expected it. I was disappointed. (…) Erasmo and I are not fighting. He is a person I really like. I respect our story a lot, which was very beautiful. He has a good heart and I believe that” , says. The fitness muse also revealed that she tried to conceive through hormone treatments to induce ovulation, artificial insemination and IVF. “I went through a lot in the last year, 2020 was very hard for me. I matured a lot, but I also had my personal issues that I had to deal with alone. I tried to get pregnant for a year and three months with treatments. There were many attempts, all frustrated. I had no idea how difficult and painful this would be”, he confesses. Download the Yahoo Mail app in less than 1 min and receive all your emails in one place Sign up for the Yahoo Mail newsletter in 3 Minutes now “I canceled my life, it was all about this. I tried to get pregnant madly, but it didn’t work out because it wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t supposed to be now, it wasn’t supposed to be with Erasmus… I was so blind in my plan and how wonderful and perfect God is, He found a way to make me see that I was supposed to follow the my life, move on”, he adds.

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