Loffredo questions Flamengo’s disallowed goal over Botafogo and puts VAR in doubt: ‘The field’s decision would have to be maintained. People don’t pay a ticket to see offside’

Commentator of “SporTV News”, André Loffredo questioned the correct annulment of the goal of Gabriel Barbosaof Flamengoin the victory of Botafogo 1-0 this Sunday at the Mane Garrincha Stadiumin Brasilia. He believes that the field decision should be maintained, not the VAR one, even with all the technology, investment and professionals available.

– There is the issue of VAR that changes the game. Can you say it’s blocked? – asks Loffredo.

– Not for us, but the machine nailed it – says the presenter Mariana Fontes.

– As long as you hit the frame, which I don’t know if it’s right. Let’s suppose I had hit the frame and I was in that difference, even outside of what I think the ball came out of, I’m not sure about the positioning, the field decision would have to be upheld. The rule is not even written like that. It is a fact that is not so factual after all. This frame doesn’t convince that it’s 100% right. It might even be. It doesn’t seem right to me – ponders Loffredo.

– According to the machine, the frame is right. Shall we go into another discussion? What is the gold frame standard? I have my doubts, but if this is the one it is prevented. If the human eye wouldn’t notice, we have to discuss whether intervention would be appropriate. It was correct in the second frame – explains Mariana Fontes.

– And the previous frame? Any decision by the field umpire should count if he is chasing the frame. It was correct according to that frame. But is it the right frame? It may be that the previous one was also (impeded). Not sure if this one would be. It could be for any reason, you are taking the reason out of the football game. People don’t pay admission to see offside – complained Loffredo.

The commentator also spoke about the game itself.

– We saw two teams, two Portuguese coaches, a job well contested, another that the fans are buying. Luís Castro has ideas being put into practice, others out of the standard, replaced with 30 minutes, bankrolled the Saravia even with card, did some interesting things. Flamengo was better, kitten was the highlight, Botafogo took their chances. It is a difference between a goalkeeper at a very high level and a goalkeeper in training – he added.

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