Mansur sees communication failure in VAR in Flamengo x Botafogo, but asks for ‘pact’ for technology: ‘We live 100 years with the human eye that does not decide a move like this’

The goal correctly disallowed by Gabriel Barbosa with the help of VAR in the classic Flamengo 0x1 Botafogo this Sunday continues to dominate discussions on the main sports channels. Carlos Eduardo Mansur, a commentator for SporTV, saw what he called a “communication failure” in the bid review, but highlighted the importance of clubs accepting possible imperfections in the technology.

– I think there was a communication failure between Daniel Bins and the operator, he asks for a frame beforehand. The use of technology will bring us new discussions and needs. In case you don’t have the exact frame, will the field prevail? Or are we going to widen the line as England did to assume a wider margin of error that comes close to the human eye? Or are we going to accept that the competition has this technology, with this margin of error, which is a rule that applies to everyone – he suggested.

Mansur continues.

– Sport is built on a pact, which are the rules that apply to everyone. We chose this technology, VAR, with this margin of error, which can be a difference of one frame. Today it will be against you, tomorrow it may be for you. The important thing is that the rule is valid for everyone – highlighted the commentator, closing:

– We have lived for 100 years with the human eye that does not decide such a move. We zoom in to a higher level of detail with a margin of error smaller than the human eye, then we accept that pact or not.

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