Mercado Livre will open 4,000 more jobs in Brazil

Mercado Livre, an e-commerce platform, announced the hiring of over 4,000 professionals in Brazil by the end of this year. Through the company’s careers website, candidates check all open positions and requirements by area of ​​activity.

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The process begins with choosing the position of interest. On the website, the candidate uses search filters and searches for the best opportunity according to each profile. After that, just click on “I want this vacancy” and follow the next steps.

Vacancies in the Free Market

The selection process includes an ability test, a video presentation of the candidate, in addition to a group dynamics and individual interview. In all, there are six steps to hiring.

The 4,000 vacancies to be made available throughout 2022 are in line with the Mercado Livre expansion plan. The platform is on a boom, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, which has made online sales grow.

Among the available positions, most are in the technology area. It has opportunities for all Brazilian states, which opens doors for more people to have the chance to apply.

Currently, Mercado Livre has 16 thousand professionals in Brazil. Worldwide, the number reaches 44 thousand employees. Of the total number of open positions, most are for the fintech Mercado Pago.

The new vacancies seek to fill the spaces created by the company’s expansion, with the creation of 4 more distribution centers in São Paulo. With this, the company hopes to speed up the delivery of products purchased through the platform.

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Mercado Livre completes 21 years of history. It is the leading provider of technology for electronic commerce in Latin America and offers solutions for individuals and companies. The goal is to democratize e-commerce.

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